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- - By rob26.2 Date 2017-10-04 7:24 AM
Several years ago, the sock companies ie "Big Sock" began selling socks with designation for left (L) and right (R) feet.  At the time I thought this was odd.  Then I figured out that Big Sock probably did this because wearing the same sock on the same foot every time would cause them to wear out faster, then we would have to buy more socks and Big Sock would make bigger money. :bigsockconspiracy:  So, Rob26.2 decided to trick Big Sock; I would alternate every couple weeks. Two weeks of L on left foot and R on right, then two weeks of L on right foot and R on left. :genius: Then I noticed a couple years ago, every pair of socks I bought had 2 left ("L") in the package. :wtf: No right ("R") socks at all. :wtf: This happened with several different Big Sock companies. I counted and I have 11 pairs of socks with two Ls.  I have zero pairs with 2 Rs. I have several that are a couple years old that have both L and R socks.  I also have several that don't have any L/R designation.

1) Please post whether you have noticed the same thing with your sock collection. Is it skewed toward L? It is very important to post if you have a pair of socks with 2 Rs! Also let us know your opinion as to why this is happening: poor quality control at Big Sock?, perhaps disgruntled employees at Big Sock?, a Big Sock investigation that told them runners were alternating socks anyway to stymie their plan to expedite socks wearing out?

2) How far did you run/bike/walk today?

3) When was the last time you had a doughnut?

Bonus: What is the next race on your schedule?
Parent - - By BigTex [us] Date 2017-10-04 8:58 AM
Are you sure that L doesn't stand for "Large"?

1)  I am pretty sure my my socks are ambidextrous.  If they aren't they are used that way.  My method is to buy a bunch of identical pairs (12-18) and convert the old ones to rags.  So I never pair up socks.  For running socks it's the same, only with fewer pairs because they are so expensive.

2) This was a running day, but I wasn't sure if it would be raining this morning.  I was sure that it rained last night and would be muddy and muggy.  So I dusted off the bike trainer and rode for an hour while watching the first hour of Ken Burns' Vietnam series.

3) I can't recall, but it wasn't recent.  I will eat the occasional cake doughnut, but the traditional glazed ones do nothing for me.

Last night I watched the first three innings of the AL wildcard game, which took about an hour and half a dozen pitchers.  It was tied when I went to bed, but the stupid Yankees ended up taking it.

Bonus:  No race, no schedule.
Parent - By Xtreme Taper Date 2017-10-04 10:37 AM
I expect a lot of late nights this month as I watch the Indians in the playoffs.
Hopefully the Indians will take the Yankees out, even if it means more lack of sleep.
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:11 AM
I'm watching the Vietnam series, am in the middle of episode 3. It is so good, and I am so ashamed of how little I understood.
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:50 AM
Crazy game last night! I went to bed when the stupid Yankees were up 7-4.
Parent - By rob26.2 Date 2017-10-04 1:05 PM
Way back in my frat days (early 80s), I organized a POW/MIA Awareness walk and we raised money for Project Prairie Fire/John Musgrave.  There was strong evidence at that time that POWs were still being held is SE Asia.  Ken Burns used John Musgrave   as a source when he created this documentary. I have only caught a couple episodes but sometime I will watch the entire documentary.
Parent - - By Ed [us] Date 2017-10-04 9:07 AM
1)  Apparently I don't purchase socks from "Big Sock" because I've never owned any that are labeled "L" or "R"!  ...and seriously  :wtf:    Otherwise, if I notice when putting a sock on that there's a noticeable large toe indentation, I will deliberately switch it to the other foot to spread out the wear.  In about 2.5 weeks I think I will be thankful just to be able to get my socks on without assistance!  :cry:

2)  I biked for 55 minutes while teaching class this morning.  Our bike monitors don't record distance but considering the simulated combination of hills & flats it was likely at least the equivalent of 15 miles. 

3)  I think I had a doughnut sometime last month :meh:

Bonus:  I am targeting an Olympic Aquabike on June 10, 2018.  Same race with the swim jump from the ferry as I did the sprint distance for this past June.  It will most likely be my first race with the "new" hip and I am hopeful my stride during the emerge from water to bike rack in T1 is vastly improved!
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 9:27 AM
Your bonus: :cool::cool::cool:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:12 AM
I'm excited for your bonus
Parent - By rob26.2 Date 2017-10-04 12:55 PM
Good job establishing a goal. :cool:
Parent - - By godogo [us] Date 2017-10-04 9:18 AM
This may be the most groundbreaking reporting you've done since you blew the lid off Big Coffee. :laugh:

I noticed that some of my socks are doing this but I haven't put much thought into it.  If I find good pairs of socks on sale, I tend to buy multiple pairs of the identical socks.  This has caused me to occasionally wearing two left or two right socks.  I haven't noticed that I've been pulling to one side or the other so there might not be  much of a difference. :wtf:

No run today.  I set my alarm and woke up but could not reach escape velocity to break my pillow gravity.  Tonight is a field hockey game for my daughter.  They are having a tough season where they seem to be losing close games.  (Lots of losses 2-1 and 4-3).  She's handling it much more maturely than I would have at her age which surprises no one.

Last doughnut?  At RTB in mid September.  I need to get some Cider doughnuts!

Bonus:  I have no idea.  I may sign up for Philadelphia again next year and just take some time to build base throughout the spring.  My running time has really taken a hit with my current commute.  My NEW Job starts next week and I'll regain over an hour a day that I used to spend in the car.  The commute also goes by our favorite running spot so I'll have no excuse. :meh:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:13 AM
a short commute is such a huge bonus to a good new job. Congratulations!
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:49 AM
This may be the most groundbreaking reporting you've done since you blew the lid off Big Coffee.
Parent - By rob26.2 Date 2017-10-04 12:53 PM
Good to hear the main reason for the job change is to increase your running! :wink:
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 9:25 AM
1. Are you sure that L doesn't stand for Large? :wtf: I do not have any L/R socks, all of mine say M since they are size medium. Or maybe it's for Martha! :laugh:
2. No run today. Woke up with a migraine so I took some medicine and rested for another hour. I might make up the 4 miles tonight or I might not.
3. The last time I had a donut was at RTB. I forewent my usual Boston Creme for a pumpkin donut and it was delicious! Eric had 1 munchkin. :roll::laugh:
Bonus: Chicago Marathon on Sunday!!! :grin::grin::grin:

Blather: I had my first wedding anxiety dream last night. I guess I skipped right over the marathon anxiety dreams. :laugh: I was at the wedding venue and some guests were arriving. I wasn't in my dress yet so I went to use the ladies room before I got changed. The ladies room was hard to find, and when I did I went into a stall, and then somehow that stall turned into a bus seat and I was on a bus and the bus was leaving the station. :wtf::laugh: I ran out of the stall/bus seat to the front of the bus and forced the doors open and jumped off the bus and ran back to the venue. Then it turned out I was in the wrong place anyway. :shocker!::laugh:
Parent - - By rob26.2 Date 2017-10-04 9:43 AM
Are you tapering for your wedding?
Parent - By Xtreme Taper Date 2017-10-04 10:34 AM
:grin: :laugh:
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:36 AM
Parent - By Ed [us] Date 2017-10-04 9:44 AM
Or maybe it's for Martha!    :laugh:
Parent - By Tim [us] Date 2017-10-04 10:27 AM
Did someone put an unknown substance in your coffee? That’s quite an *interesting* dream...
Parent - By Xtreme Taper Date 2017-10-04 10:34 AM
Boston Crème... my favorite!

Good luck Sunday!
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:14 AM
wait. Eric had 1 munchkin and nobody told me??? He has been mocking me for 10 years about ordering single munchkins!
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:38 AM
:laugh::laugh: I was hoping you'd see that!
He bought one munchkin on purpose and it was in the bag with a donut stick and he was going to take a picture and send it to you, but it looked inappropriate. :shocker!::laugh::laugh:
Parent - - By Eric1970 Date 2017-10-04 3:49 PM
Your ears must have been burning that Sunday morning if you knew how much I was thinking about you!:wink: So we when we went to DD while gassing up, I had already purchased a donut stick and then saw the munchkins. I bought ONE with the clear intent on taking a picture and sending it to you. When I looked in the bag and saw the donut stick and one munchkin, I thought it was probably an inappropriate thing to send since it reflected either an unfortunate accident or a picture in profile of sorts.:laugh: Actually, I thought you would find it funny, but I didn't want to have to be looking over my shoulder for R to come after me.: pbbt: I thought I would eat the donut stick and then take the picture, but I forgot and remembered after i bit into the munchkin and thought I'd save you the half eaten munchkin picture.:laugh::laugh:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 5:12 PM
That is a long explanation!

Really though, r would have cracked up too. That is amazing. I like the one ball donut stick. That is some funny shit.
Parent - By goodwine Date 2017-10-04 5:55 PM
Good luck in Chicago! That's my most-run marathon. :cool:
Parent - - By Tim [us] Date 2017-10-04 10:25 AM
1) My socks are all ambidextrous and purchased in bulk at places like Target and TJ Maxx.

I think Big Sock is in cahoots with the sock monsters that live in our washing machines. The sock monsters get a continuous supply of “right” socks to eat, and Big Sock keeps selling more socks to suckers like Rob.

2) 5 miles this morning, solo and in the dark. I preemptively stopped about a half mile from home due to minor assues.

Random: I don’t really like my wimpy/lazy/entitled dog and like to joke about ways to orchestrate his demise, such as feeding him to my girlfriend’s much larger and rambunctious dog. When I got home from my run I took him for a walk. Then my in-laws were leaving for the airport, getting a ride with another relative. I took him off the leash while throwing out the poop bag and then said “Don’t run over the dog” and then paused and said “On second thought...”

3) I had half a donut about a week ago when someone brought them in at work. I don’t really like them that much - too heavy-feeling.

Bonus: Boston 2018!!!
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:16 AM
i didn't post on FB, but I like your new look
Parent - By Tim [us] Date 2017-10-04 1:24 PM
Thanks. Dark humor conversation from a few weeks ago...

Coworker: I really like your beard. You should keep it. Unless your girlfriend hates it.
Me: My girlfriend loves it! My wife hated facial hair. But she’s dead, so guess what? She doesn’t get a vote.

(Coworker awkwardly didn’t know if she was supposed to laugh or offer condolences)
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:48 AM
Boston! :cool:

Are you going to be in NJ for Thanksgiving? My family and I are running the Upper Saddle River 5k on turkey day, if you are around you could throw that on your schedule too. :happy:
Parent - - By Tim [us] Date 2017-10-04 12:31 PM
I’m not yet sure what I’m doing for Thanksgiving, but NJ is a possible location. Very cool that your family are running the local race. Hey you’re getting married that weekend, right? WEDDING CRASHERS!!! (kidding:wink:)
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-05 7:58 AM
Yes, getting married in your hometown no less! :grin: Come crash it!
Parent - - By rob26.2 Date 2017-10-04 12:52 PM
I have a bunch of Target socks!

Boston again!
Parent - - By Tim [us] Date 2017-10-04 1:25 PM
When are you running Boston again?
Parent - By rob26.2 Date 2017-10-04 2:47 PM
I hope to in 2019.
Parent - By goodwine Date 2017-10-04 5:55 PM
Boston :cool::cool:
Parent - - By Xtreme Taper Date 2017-10-04 10:31 AM
1) I have never noticed L/R designators on my socks, so sorry, but I am of no help in your investigation.

2) So far I've walked around the block with the Lady, but we took the cut through around the pond and my neighbors back yard so only .75 miles. Approximation, I did not garminize the distance, but am using old garmin memory from previous run outs of my neighborhood to estimate the distance. I know that's a long explanation but since I am not running I am lacking much else to say about daily activities. Also, plan to take the Lady out to Coventry Woods for a 2.5 mile walk on the Rock Run trail loop this evening.

3) Hmm. It's been quite some time. I think a month or two ago I had a bit of a cinnamon roll from Wawa that I bought for the missus.

Blather: I was looking at my running log from last year and discovered an entry from 10/3/16 (a year ago) that says "took day off for a cranky left knee". It's still cranky, well the whole leg in general even 8 weeks post op. Maybe getting better though with all this rest. We shall see in a week or two or three. I also found an entry in my log from 9/11/2016 (cripes) that stated "fell and banged my left knee very hard". Perhaps that was the onset date, though I did not record any symptoms until weeks later. Sigh. Move along old man I suppose.

Bonus: No races on my schedule. I would just like to run comfortably again.
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:16 AM
your bonus :sad: I hope you get there soon.
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:46 AM
I am glad you are aggressively resting. You will get back to running comfortable sooner because of it!
Parent - By goodwine Date 2017-10-04 5:54 PM
What Donna said.
Parent - - By goodwine Date 2017-10-04 11:02 AM
1) I must delurk because ... I have more RIGHT SOCKS. :shocker!::shocker!:

About two years ago I developed a corn on my left 2nd toe. I thought those were old person problems, so I went to the drug store to get the corn remover pads and a week later it was gone, hopefully never to bother me again. A month later it came back :mutmad:, so I did the same thing. I was uncharacteristically patient with this process because I thought it might be a result from a messed up gait due to my sore knee and figured once I solved the knee problem the toe problem would go away. (I only just now occurred to me that perhaps the knee problem was caused by the toe problem, and not vice-versa!!). Anyway, and this IS related to the socks, I repeated this process every couple of months for about 2 years. In the meantime the knee problem got 90% better and the corn got a little slower to come back, but still was persistent. Finally, about 5 weeks ago, it occurred to me to get some of those Injinji toe socks, so I got 3 pairs. They seem to be helping, although the answer is not yet definitive, and those things are sorta expensive.

Those toe socks don't have a L or R, but are pretty obviously one or the other. I wear exactly one pair each day to run, and wash my running clothes each night. Somehow I end up with 2 right socks and can't find the corresponding two left socks.

As an empowered modern runner I will not be a victim of such sock conspiracies, however. Turn a R sock inside out and it is magically a L sock! Although the inside color of these particular socks is different from the outside, so I don't exactly match, but that's not too far up in my priority list.

2) I ran 3 miles today. I am still streaking with 3/1/17 as my first day. That's about the only novel thing in my running recently.

3) Yesterday.

Bonus: none. I should do something about that.
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:18 AM
I have a friend who swears by the injinji socks.
Parent - By goodwine Date 2017-10-04 5:49 PM
I used to only race in them because their durability was terrible. I haven't worn any for a few years, but so far these are holding up, so maybe that's improved.

Generally I wouldn't hassle with them because even just putting them on takes more attention than I want to spend on socks, but if it will keep my toe happy I guess I'll deal with it.
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:45 AM
But when you turn the R sock inside out, do you have any weird seams on the new L sock? :wtf:
Parent - By goodwine Date 2017-10-04 5:50 PM
Maybe, but I haven't noticed. Whatever seams there are, aren't too big.
Parent - - By rob26.2 Date 2017-10-04 12:47 PM
Good work on turning the R sock inside out.  I wouldn't have thought of that.  :blush: :laugh:
Parent - - By goodwine Date 2017-10-04 5:51 PM
Two guys from caltech won the Noble prize this week. I, on the other hand, figured out how to turn socks inside out. In that respect, I'm not too sure it was 5 1/2 years well spent.
Parent - By rob26.2 Date 2017-10-04 6:23 PM
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2017-10-05 1:39 PM
I turn my R sock inside out as well. Simple things!
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:10 AM
OK, I need to respond to this one. I am fine with the L/R sock thing but R hates it. HATES it and gets really angry when he does laundry and has to match my L/R socks. He got annoyed when I purchased a package of all L socks until I pointed out they were Large.

1  My sock collection is a well cultivated set of evenly matched footwear appropriate for any occasion.

2 i ran 6.5. My running sucks lately. Really sucks. I don't know what is wrong with me.

3 I had a donut 2 weeks ago. N loves to go to our local donut shop, I promised her that if she ran a mile with me we could go to the donut shop after. We basically ran to a park, she ran a mile around it and then we ran to the donut shop.

bonus none. See #2. I am just not feeling it with racing. I will be spectating NYCM
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 11:44 AM
You'll be here for NYCM? :grin: We will have to meet up!

Sorry your running sucks lately. :sad::hug:
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 12:02 PM
Yes, it is a super-quick trip. I am flying in Saturday late afternoon and leaving Sunday. My sister and my stepdad are both running it as their first marathon-my stepdad is 66 years old! I am so proud of them both.
Parent - By rob26.2 Date 2017-10-04 12:47 PM
Parent - - By nooner [us] Date 2017-10-04 1:57 PM
Very cool!
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 2:43 PM
yeah, I'm very proud of both of them. It feels really important for me to be there to support them
Parent - - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 2:00 PM
Let me know where you are spectating and I'll come find you!
Parent - - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 2:44 PM
I will-let me get your number so I can text you.

Since you are looks like my stepdad will be featured on an ABC news marathon segment in the week prior to the race.
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-10-04 3:13 PM
I will look for your stepdad on TV! Will PM you my number.
Parent - - By rob26.2 Date 2017-10-04 12:49 PM
1  My sock collection is a well cultivated set of evenly matched footwear appropriate for any occasion.

I figured The Donnasaur wouldn't have it any other way. :hug:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 2:45 PM
Parent - - By godogo [us] Date 2017-10-04 2:21 PM
"1  My sock collection is a well cultivated set of evenly matched footwear appropriate for any occasion. "

How does R fight the urge to mess up your sock drawer? :laugh:
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-10-04 2:45 PM
R messes with my life in many other ways.
Parent - By goodwine Date 2017-10-04 5:52 PM
0-1) :laugh: :laugh:

2) I can relate -- not sucks, but not great for me.
Parent - - By nooner [us] Date 2017-10-04 1:56 PM
I don't have L / R socks, but I can generally tell which one has been on which foot because my big toe pulls up and will eventually poke a hole in the sock. I will switch that sock with a hole to the other foot to extend the life until both sides have 2 holes and they go in the trash.

I ran 10 miles this morning. I had planned our route to go out by the small airport in town but one of the guys really doesn't like that route and he was struggling a bit before we even got to the turn that would take us to the airport so I decided to stick with our easier route. Just after we passed the turn the guy who hates the airport route declared that he would by the next round of beers because we hadn't done the airport route. :laugh: He started running better after that so it was probably a mental thing.

Someone has been bringing doughnuts to the office the last few Friday's so I had one (two actually) last Friday.

I am signed up for a race on 10/21 but we are scheduled to run 20 miles that day so I will probably just grab the shirt and run with the group. We may arrange for our route to go by the race just to see everyone. There is a local half marathon (the route comes about 2 miles from the house) that I will run on 11/11.
Parent - By goodwine Date 2017-10-04 5:53 PM
Good call on the airport turn!!
Parent - By Limoboss Date 2017-10-04 6:14 PM
I have all kinds of socks and they usually last a long time since different shoes require different socks. I have socks for short races, long races and marathons.

Will do 5 miles later this evening. Did 12 miles yesterday morning, and Sunday was 10 miles with a 5 mile segment at tempo in 32:20 which is 6:28 pace.

My next race is on October 15 in Paramus NJ. Will try and win the 10K/5K double AG title. I doubled there in 2010 and 2014 and swept both times. Overall I'm 6-0 there so will try and make it 8-0.

Still up in the air about Philly. I'm not getting the mileage in I need and I'm thinking I don't need another 3:05-3:10 performance added to my running resume so may just stick with shorter races the rest of the year, work on my speed and point towards the spring.
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