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- - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-01 8:17 AM
Welcome, autumn!
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-01 8:18 AM
Parent - - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-01 8:18 AM
Parent - - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-01 8:19 AM
Not much going on with me right now, thank goodness! (well, pregnancy related at least, we are plenty busy otherwise!)
Just waiting on our next growth scan and the fetal echocardiogram.
Baby girl is a mover, just like E was. I like it though, it is very reassuring. Remind me of that when I'm in third tri and can't sleep b/c she is beating me up from the inside...
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2017-10-02 2:32 PM
good to hear!! :hug: when are you due?
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-05 4:44 PM
Feb 7!
Parent - - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-01 8:18 AM
Parent - - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-01 8:26 AM
We got E's big boy bed set up and last night was his first night in it. And the first night alone in his room, since early August or late July. He's been sleeping in bed with me so this is quite a switch! He made it until about 4am and then I went and got him b/c he was crying and pretty upset. I don't think he realizes he can get out of the bed. He did a good job falling asleep in there by himself though, so I am excited about that.

I also finally just boxed up all of his baby blankets, they were on the bottom shelf of the changing table, which he still has in his room. I don't envision doing any potty training before number 2 comes, so trying to figure out if we should get a second changing table but I'm thinking no. It will only be a short while (I hope) after baby arrives before we do potty training. I just want to wait until he is closer to age 3, after talking to a lot of friends that have tried it too early. Most of them had to go through the process multiple times before the kids "got it." I'd rather just do it once and have more chance of it being successful. Also, E has already declared he wants underwear with tractors, so it might take us awhile to find those.. :wink:
Those of you that were preggo while the older kid was still in did you handle diaper changes when you were really pregnant? Picking up E to put him on the changing table is getting tough but I feel like kneeling down on the floor isn't very practical either. Just have DH do it all???!!! ;)
Parent - - By BoredTemp [us] Date 2017-10-01 8:46 AM
Can you put a towel or pad down on your bed and change him there?
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-01 10:14 AM
That might be a good idea! He can climb up himself and it is a better height for me.
He *can* climb up on his changing table too, but I try not to encourage that!
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-10-01 5:43 PM
DD trained 3 months before DS was born, so I wasn't dealing with two in diapers, however at 2 or 2.5 you can change them while they're standing up. Have him stand on a low stool if you don't want to get down on the floor. I agree, if he's not ready it won't work. How old is E? Most little boys train somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5. Girls somewhere between 2 and 3. But there are outliers in both directions.
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-05 4:45 PM
He turned 2 in August. I was thinking to try next year during spring break or once summer break starts, when he is closer to 3.
Parent - By Fry [us] Date 2017-10-02 8:19 AM
Re lifting up the toddler, lift with your legs, close to your body, and straight up your midline (no bending). We got a second inexpensive changing table because even after the three and a half year-old potty trained he is still wearing diapers at night and will be for a while. I frequently change the older one on a towel on the couch, but DH prefers a changing table for his back.
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2017-10-02 8:47 AM
No advice but I'm impressed you can still use the changing table, B squirms so much i'm afraid to have him on there
Parent - - By Fry [us] Date 2017-10-02 10:26 AM
We have a really big solid one and I feel like I can control him better at chest height when he is squirmy.
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2017-10-02 10:40 AM
Ours is solid too but he likes to flip over and make a dive for the edge and it is somewhat easier to wrangle him on the floor.....sort of...haha
Parent - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2017-10-02 1:26 PM
Big boy bed! :happy:
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2017-10-02 2:16 PM
ok I need to talk to you/pm you about getting baby out of my bed into another bed.  Ack!  I'm ok with a mattress on the floor in her room at this point.
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-05 4:47 PM
It's going well! Feel free to PM me...I will go check my messages. He isn't consistently GOING to sleep in his bed but for the past few nights he has STAYED in his bed until the morning, the main goal!!! I think I got 2 nights of 7-8 hours of sleep for the first time since...who knows?!
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-05 4:49 PM
just sent you a pm of something non-baby related too!
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2017-10-02 8:49 AM
Benjamin was home last week with hand foot mouth. A kid in another room had it and apparently B got it (I dropped him off in that room Mon/Tues last week). His was super mild but still it was not fun trying to work while he was home. And then I think I may have caught it - seems like I should have caught it sooner but I started to spike a fever yesterday and had a few bumps today :cry::cry:
Parent - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2017-10-02 9:24 AM
NOOOOOOOOooooo!!! :cry:
Parent - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2017-10-02 2:15 PM
oh NO! I'm so sorry.
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2017-10-04 6:13 AM
I definitely have HFM, it's gotten steadily worse each day. My hands hurt sooooo bad, my throat/mouth is getting better, and my feet aren't terrible as long as i'm not barefoot.
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-10-04 6:37 AM
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-10-04 9:12 AM
Be glad you're not a farm animal...the authorities don't mess around when foot and mouth is found on a farm. Hope you feel better soon!
Parent - - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2017-10-02 1:28 PM
Hey so we finally got a subsidised daycare spot for my Benjamin which means i'll have to switch him which I'm dreading but we can't afford to not take a spot that's half the price. I feel so guilty about it already and he's not even switching until November 1st :cry: The new daycare doesn't allow sleep sacks or loveys in the crib and their nap room isn't very dark so I'm really stressed. Does anyone have experience with something like this? :wtf:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2017-10-02 2:43 PM
My daycare doesn't allow sleepsacks either and I'm pretty sure there is always noise going on so he never sleeps there.  Like maybe a couple 20-30 catnaps if they're lucky but usually not even that. Fortunately it didn't affect his nighttime sleep so I learned to just roll with it because I can't change his sleep environment or how he responds (or doesn't respond) to it.

yea for saving $$ even if it feels tough to switch him right now
Parent - - By classicsnerd [us] Date 2017-10-02 2:15 PM
well hello everyone!  I know it's been a long time.  I've been crazed the past two months.  Let's see... first two weeks of August, 2 week road trip just me and P.  8/27 was Ps 1st bday so we had lots of family and craziness.  8/29 - first day (sort of - orientation) of PhD program.  5 days in Chicago over Labor Day weekend for a wedding.  That was fun/insane/exhausting.  Got back latelatelate Labor Day night and then my first day of classes was Wednesday 9/6.  9/14 we moved.  So insane madness for the time between coming back from Chicago and moving.  Still in the midst of unpacking and getting acclimated insanity.  UGH.  Moving is terrible.  I told A we're not moving again until the child(ren) is/are out of college.  UGH.  PhD program is awesome but SO much work.  As I wanted it to be.  it's a whole different ballgame, though, with a toddler in the game.  Speaking of toddling, she really started to walk at about 12.5 months, and is now all over the place.  OMG I have a walker! It's nuts. :cry:  I'm trying to get back into running... ran a lovely 5.5 on Saturday and ran 4 miles on trails this morning.  May do a couple more in the hour when we are waiting for Daddy to get home from work and post-childcare.  Our new house is a 3 min jog from, in my opinion, the best running in my area.  It's so beautiful. 

Moving sucks.  Change sucks.  It's all to the good, but I've been struggling this month (well, September).  Going to the psychiatrist next week to rejig my meds, which I'm hoping will help.  Too much crying/irritability/snappiness/existential despair is not good for anyone!  And I certainly don't want it to affect P.

Other stuff re: P - sleep sucks.  Hahaha.  Oh well.  We do what we can.  I don't have my shit together enough to do anything approaching anything systematic.  Oh well. We're also TTC which is hilarious.  Anyway, HI EVERYONE I'M INSANE :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2017-10-04 6:14 AM
That is definitely a lot going on in a short amount of time! I can't imagine moving with a baby/toddler, that just sounds like a mess but it sounds like you are in a pretty cool location so that's awesome
Parent - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2017-10-04 7:08 AM
Haha good luck with TTC! We are one and done - my dh can't wait to get snipped. :roll:: pbbt:
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-10-05 5:06 PM
If it makes you feel better, we TTC right around the one year mark too (when I finally got my period back) and thought we were crazy for even trying, considering the state of our life...
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