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- - By judyruns Date 2017-09-26 5:42 AM
Weather is so hot for September.
Post. :happy:
Parent - - By judyruns Date 2017-09-26 5:45 AM
Monday I did an early 45 minutes out the trail since the sun was already getting hot. Grocery afterwards. Just before I started to turn into the park, 5 deer ran right across the road in front of me. I will need to be even more cautious now where and when I run. I’m going to scout out the sheltered spots in the park. There are quite a few close ones to the road so I’ll be able to dart into one. The picnic tables are stacked on the diagonal in the shelters and I can easily slip between. There is also a newly built bathroom.
Hike early this morning I think. Yoga afterwards. I’ll try slipping a run in as well.
Safe and happy runs, All! :hug:
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-26 9:25 AM
Sheltered spots -- where you can take cover if a deer charges you?

Bathroom would be a good refuge for obvious reasons (water, toilet).

If it has a tot lot you could also climb to the top of the structure, sit there, and yell for help.
Parent - - By judyruns Date 2017-09-26 9:38 AM
Yes, cover for possible deer charges. Out on the trail we have big trees very close, but also a lot of poison ivy. : pbbt:
Bathroom is nice. There is also on at the top of the hill on the other side of the park.
Tot lot! Yes, there is one, and I have a hollow cube thing I could climb into and a little house.
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-26 10:34 AM
Deer-inspired sprint to the closest cover?

And if it's a choice between possible poison ivy and likely being gored by a deer, I think the poison ivy wins. You can scrub off a lot if you can get to soap and water quickly. (Another reason to take cover in the bathroom.) The only time I've had it really badly was after DWD Devil's Lake when the "trail" went straight through big patches of the stuff. Runnertype can vouch for that particular race.
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2017-09-26 5:33 PM
What Arimathea said.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-09-26 8:52 PM
Do you have trouble in your area with charging deer?  Or is it a fall thing that happens with the males?  We have lots of deer here -- including a good number that come through the back yard -- but if I go outside I say "hi deer" and they just look at me. :laugh:
Parent - - By judyruns Date 2017-09-27 5:48 AM
Deer here are just curious except during the rut. We had one morning a few weeks ago that was only 44°. That got the males to start roaming. Usually it is a hard freeze that starts them going. They were early this year. I've had a curious doe follow me on a run once. :laugh:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-27 10:14 AM
Funny how a hard freeze has that effect on deer but a cold shower has the opposite effect on humans (and other animals -- like cats -- a bucket of cold water does break up the romance very quickly).
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2017-09-26 12:38 PM
Lots of deer! Be careful.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-09-26 6:58 AM
Definitely too hot.  It's supposed to be at/near 90 all week. :cry:  This is a lousy excuse for fall. :mutmad:

I had a pretty good 5.8-mile run this morning.  I was gone all day yesterday, so I have a lot to get done here today then picking my parents up at the airport tonight.
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-26 9:24 AM
The only fall we've seen so far is the one I took on Saturday. Stupid tree root.

Glad you did get a good run in today, though. Where were you yesterday?
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-09-26 8:47 PM
Sorry about your fall. :cry:  Stupid tree.  Why does it need roots anyway. : pbbt:

I went by my grandmother's house (she had been sick and, at 90 years old, it takes a while to recover from anything) then had to take A to an appointment on the other side of town.
Parent - By judyruns Date 2017-09-26 9:39 AM
Excellent job for the 5.8 miler in this weather!
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2017-09-26 12:38 PM
Summer temps need to leave.
Parent - - By reebs (chicken whisperer) Date 2017-09-26 9:42 AM
Swim today, I had good intentions but they didn't pan out.  I was going to stay long in the pool and work hard, but when I started swimming I realized my hamstring was too sore and it was hurting in a way that isn't just "push through it and it will release" but a "this is not a good idea" way.  So I half assed it with the pull buoy for a while and got out.  Oh well.
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-26 10:32 AM
Good thinking. Hamstrings can need some rest if they're sore.

Is the pull buoy the thing that allows you to propel yourself with your arms only?
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2017-09-26 12:39 PM
Better to listen to your body.
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-09-26 8:48 PM
Sorry about your hamstring.  It does seem like a wise decision, though.
Parent - - By runningteach [us] Date 2017-09-26 11:39 AM
Today was my early work morning, but after I was done I did a short workout consisting of core work, leg lifts, plank, stretches, and push-ups. The push up was against something standing. I need work.:laugh: Hopefully I can get into a routine. I have a good half hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays before I need to get ready for the rest of my day and I'd like to throw in cross training. Looking forward to the temps dropping soon. It is too hot.
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-09-26 8:53 PM
I'm looking forward to a (hopeful) cool down as well!
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-27 10:13 AM
Need work as in workout, or need work as in $$, or both?
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2017-09-26 5:42 PM
No run today. I came back from the trip to NC with my back all out of whack and left lower leg very tight. Went to my chiropractor for an adjustment, who told me to come back daily until we leave for the honeymoon on Thursday.

Couldn't do any impact workout comfortably, so I did some cycling and knee PT yesterday. Saw my chiro again today, and she unlocked my neck and middle back and hips, but I was VERY sore afterward. The muscles were protesting after being rather tight for so long. Went to the pool to swim and do kick drills, then hit the hot tub afterward. The Y's hot tub has jets hard enough to peel paint, which felt incredible on my leg as well as my back. I am feeling much better now all over, but will go apply a little ice before dinner.

NRR: the weekend in NC was really nice. Saw lots of friends, did my part in the ceremony I was asked to be in, had a great time. Twinzilla was there, but we kept interaction light and superficial and it was okay. Read through most of "Codependent No More" while on the plane. Lots of filler and fluff in the book, honestly, but it is very readable and it's giving me a lot of food for thought.
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-09-26 8:53 PM
Oooh, honeymoon!  Where are you going?
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-27 10:10 AM
Sorry about the hurt resulting from the trip. Ouch. Glad you are treating it though.

And that you and Twinzilla managed to keep it courteous. I know you are capable of that, but wouldn't hold my breath regarding Twinzilla's capacity to control her behaviour.
Parent - - By spccer6 [us] Date 2017-09-26 7:42 PM
After the bike wreck and concussion and then Hurricane Irma and no power for 3 days and a work retreat and scheduling conflicts, I'm finally back at the trainer after 2 weeks of complete rest.  Started back a week ago today.  That was leg day; I was sore until Saturday.  Thursday was back and shoulders.  I was not sore at all.  Bodies are weird.

Today was legs.  They are already sore from this morning's workout.  I'm not biking to work again yet; I clearly didn't realize how much that was helping to avoid the leg soreness.  Walked 3 miles tonight while DS1 was at baseball. 

Why oh why do you lose fitness so fast but getting it back takes so long?  My trainer is awesome and is so supportive.  But even he noticed that I'm fatiguing easier.  It's a marathon right, not a sprint.  Gotta keep reminding myself.
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-09-26 8:56 PM
Understandable that you haven't been biking, but it's interesting that not biking makes you more sore after a leg workout but you aren't as sore from upper body workouts.
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-27 10:13 AM
Wow. That is a nasty start to the fall!

And I don't know why we lose fitness fast but achieve it slowly. It's almost as unfair as how fast we can put on weight compared to how long it takes to lose it. And the weight gain, while annoying, makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint -- an animal that can store energy quickly and use it slowly has an edge during famines. You'd think that losing fitness fast but taking a while to get it back would be a nonstarter from the genetic selection point of view. Shouldn't we have evolved to get fit and stay fit?
- - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-26 9:23 AM
That it is, and it's also smoky. Fire in Corona that is blowing into downtown.

3.5 this morning. I got up earlier than RN, headed out ahead of her and she caught up with me. Even though she did a trail marathon on Saturday.

Trying really hard to get the steps in this week. Our priest and her wife, who is also our choir director, are on sabbatical and are walking the Camino from France to Compostela. I'm in a Fitbit challenge with the choir director and she is outstepping me by a wide margin! This is not usual.
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-26 4:14 PM
7.12 on the TM -- mostly because the one I was on proved problematic after 5 minutes and I switched to another, so got 5 more minutes of running in.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-09-26 8:58 PM
I saw something about the fire. :cry:

Although it may not be usual for the choir director to out-step you, it's not usual for her to take a long sabbatical walk either. : pbbt:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-27 10:08 AM
True...and once she gets back to her regular routine I don't think she's going to be keeping up the walking. They were planning to do 500 miles in 50 days so that's going to average about 22,000 steps per day.

OTOH, her Fitbit is one of the wrist strap types and she conducts vigorously enough that she registers a goodly number of steps each week during handbell choir rehearsal!
- - By BRunR [ca] Date 2017-09-26 9:50 AM
Hi,can I jump in here, been looking for a women's running group for a while now, was with RWOL for a while under another name
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-26 10:31 AM
Sure! Welcome. I'm Arimathea on here and had the same name on RWOL, as did Judy.
Parent - - By BRunR [ca] Date 2017-09-26 10:52 AM
Thanks Arimathea I was RunPomRun.
Parent - By judyruns Date 2017-09-26 12:36 PM
Welcome to the thread. :grin:
Parent - By runningteach [us] Date 2017-09-26 12:39 PM
Hi! Welcome to the forum.:grin:
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2017-09-26 5:34 PM
Welcome! I am Zipper; I went the by same handle ages ago on RW.
Parent - By spccer6 [us] Date 2017-09-26 7:36 PM
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-09-26 8:49 PM
Welcome!  Feel free to jump in. :happy:

Many eons ago I was creature_of_passion on RWOL, but that has probably been ten years ago now. :shocker!:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-27 10:09 AM
Those threads are long gone, unless you can dig up cached versions of the site. RW has gone through several platform providers and each time they did so they lost all the old threads.
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