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- - By blazer85 [us] Date 2017-09-25 2:36 PM
Sometimes you start a race and can't finish. :sad:  If the Heartland Marathon weekend in Omaha didn't include a nice FE, I would have definitely stayed in Dallas as I knew my leg was not right.  But, the opportunity to hang out with Nooner, Doughboy and Rob was too much to pass up.

- This "training" cycle included basically all my long runs and a handful of ten milers, but that was about it for road miles. I was first dealing with an abductor strain which resulted in me running with a funky stride.  This lead to a calf-thing, which was ultimately, more painful.  As such, I did hours and hours and hours of pool running to keep up my fitness. 

- A week before the race, I headed out for a 15 miler and HAD TO stop at 14.33 miles because my calf hurt so bad.  Only crazy people like Nagesh and my friend Nancy (I was running with Nancy at the time) have no issue stopping at such a stupid distance.  I was greatly bothered by this dangling decimal. Nancy told me to deal this insane distance by considering it a “personal growth” moment.  (Nancy is a preschool teacher so she is always spewing positive bullshit like this.) 

- After the catastrophe of the decimal point run, I should have cancelled the hotel reservation and thrown in the towel.  The boys are enablers and convinced me to head to Omaha, so I went.

- Beer, food, and meeting Rick's daughter made Saturday lots of fun. 

- As Rick is everyone's Good Samaritan, he insisted he would run with me to ensure I did the best I could. 

- The first four miles are rather hilly so I was lucky to get to run that part!:roll::roll: 

- We ran past a zoo and heard an elephant roar!  (Roar?  Is that what an elephant does? I bet N knows!!)

- The half and full split was not quite 7 miles into the race.  Once we passed that point, I forced Rick to go ahead because my leg was really starting to bother me and I knew that if I kept going, a lot of walking would be required.  :mutmad::cry:  He left, I ran about half mile more and knew there was no way I could cover 19 more miles so I backtracked to the where the half split was located.:sad: 

- As I didn't want to end up being featured on the Marathon Investigation website, I tore the chip off my bib and gave it to a volunteer.  I then chatted with the lonely volunteer for about five minutes who was very nice. 

- I ran maybe another mile.....which was stupid....and was then forced to powerwalk.  I did that until I was forced to hobble.  The first and second place marathoners finished while I was in my final mile. 

- My Garmin tells me I covered 14.23 miles.....more than the half marathon, so I can wear the shirt. (No, I did not take a medal.)

- Even if I wasn't injured, this race may have ended up being a PW for me as it was really HOTT and there wasn't a smidge of shade. Since I don't exactly know what my
   PW is (4:52:xx), the fact I couldn't complete the race saved me from digging up info from 1989.

- This was a small race for Runners, put on by Runners.  Except for the whole DNF and stupidly making my injury worse thing, I found it to be an enjoyable race!:laugh:

- Except, they need Rob to explain his three porta-potty scenario for a smoother prerace potty experience.

- Excellent post race food and drink.

- Omaha is actually a really cool with lots of stuff do....who knew??

- This leaves Nebraska on the table, so who knows......maybe my 50th state race will be run in Omaha.
Parent - By donnasaur [us] Date 2017-09-25 3:04 PM
Ugh, I am sorry. DNFing because you really can't finish just sucks. I've been there and it was really one of the worst feelings. Just sucks that it happened to you.

Those conditions are just shitty. Even though it wasn't the weather that caused the DNF, it had to make the whole experience more miserable.

Elephants trumpet.
Parent - By Ed [us] Date 2017-09-25 3:49 PM
Let your calf heal & you'll be back stronger!
Parent - By Beastie Girl [us] Date 2017-09-25 4:09 PM
That totally blows, Cathy. :sad: I hope you get the calf thing figured out soon!

Are you still bothered by the 14.33 miles? Because I would be. : pbbt:
Parent - By indie [us] Date 2017-09-25 7:53 PM
Sorry Cathy that totally blows, been there. I am glad you could get back to the finish easily. At least you had good people to hang out with. Hope the calf heals up soon.
Parent - By Eric1970 Date 2017-09-25 8:13 PM
I'm sorry about the DNF. I know that the plan was to be one state closer, so I get why it may be more frustrating that a DNF due to poor race planning or training. You have to let that calf rest and I would advise what I never did but should have and that is do some PT. I'm pretty sure that you have something else planned already, so try and be aggressive about correcting what ever led to it. Do you think it's your soleus?:wtf:

Your Omaha sounds like my TCM. It was hot and I ran with a bum calf which popped at about mile 19 which is why I ended up walking to the finish. A mile is a freaking long way to walk, 7 is more and 19 would have made you insane. You did the right thing. I am not sure why you stopped at 14.23 when you should have stopped at 14.67.:roll: Clearly, it was the heat.: pbbt:

Rest up!:hug::hug:

If you end up finishing in Omaha, NE, I wouldn't mind trying some of the spirits that were made in the Brewery & Distillery you went to.:wink:
Parent - By Xtreme Taper Date 2017-09-26 7:29 AM
Sorry about the DNF. They suck big time. Hope things straighten out quickly with the calf. Maybe seek some advice like Dr. Eric says.
Parent - By nooner [us] Date 2017-09-26 9:35 AM
I'm sorry that attempting the race has made things worse. Try to set up an appointment ASAP as I know from experience that it will take a few weeks to get into a Dr. that will be able to help.

It was a fun weekend and while I'm not sure that I would have ever selected this race on my own that I was glad that you found it. I have an easy excuse to come back to Omaha so would be willing to repeat when the time comes.

I had the same question about elephants roaring when I was writing up my report so I'm glad you covered that.

It was a cool small world moment when we found out that Josh knows the band director at Allen HS.
Parent - By elmtree Date 2017-09-26 11:04 AM
I'm sorry about your race and I hope it heals soon!

Also, elephants trumpet, so there's that. :wink:
Parent - By rob26.2 Date 2017-09-27 7:10 AM
You forgot to mention that the #9 finisher also passed you in the last mile.  :laugh:  : pbbt:

I feel bad about the peer pressure thing causing a DNF. I know if you were planning to go to Omaha solo, you would have cancelled the trip.

Calf injuries are a bitch, be patient!
Parent - - By Doughboy (spamkiller) Date 2017-09-28 8:14 AM
While it was great seeing you last weekend, it really bums me out that you didn't get to cross Nebraska off your list. That said, I'll echo your assessment that Omaha is a cool town (who knew indeed?), and if you save Nebraska for No. 50, I'll plan to be there for the celebration, preferably on a significantly cooler, more marathon-friendly day. I hope you're able to get the calf issue resolved as quickly as possible. (Doesn't your calf know you still have a bunch of races to get through?!)

Thanks for hanging out at the finish line, especially when you could have gone back to the hotel and had one of those great raspberry hefeweizens!
Parent - - By Spingoddess [us] Date 2017-10-11 2:37 PM
Ditto! I'll make any 50th celebration on the continental US!:grin: I hope your calf heals up; FWIW, my calf blew up to the size of a honey dew melon during the Steamtown marathon in '06. That was a PW for me. But by January '07, I was ran a half at PR pace, and a few months after that I was running marathons at my usual (4:07) pace. So hang in there, it doesn't take too long, even if it seems like it.:hug:
Parent - By blazer85 [us] Date 2017-10-11 4:17 PM
I have a stress reaction of fibula. Need the bone to heal and lots of PT to restrengthen everything which caused it, before I can even walk my dogs, let alone run. I've been totally out before and know it simply takes patience to get back in the horse.
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