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- - By gophergirl [us] Date 2017-09-22 11:38 AM
The weekend is almost here, any fun plans?
Parent - By gophergirl [us] Date 2017-09-22 11:41 AM
I have successfully completed my first term teaching a graduate course, grades submitted and I can have a little extra time until next term starts.

Crazy hot weather today, 89 forecasted high and heat advisory on the first day of fall. Going to a football game tonight and I am very excited about not having to bundle up.
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-22 3:00 PM
Board games at a friend's tomorrow afternoon. This is a person who says "oh, I don't drink" and then in the next breath asks if I have any brandy because the sangria recipe calls for it. And she will partake.

She also wanted to know what Cards Against Humanity was like. I rolled my eyes and handed the phone to DS who has played it a lot (I have played but not nearly as much as he has). He did not pull any punches when he described the game.

I do not think she will want to play it least not until she has had several glasses of sangria.
Parent - - By Mickey [us] Date 2017-09-22 7:52 PM
CAH :laugh::laugh::laugh:  She might need a lot of sangria

Somewhere, there is a video of "Grandmothers playing CAH for the first time"   It's pretty funny.    That said, I don't think Target should put CAH and Exploding Kittens next to the kiddie toys on an endcap display with the special sale banner to draw even more attention.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-09-22 8:15 PM
CAH is an amazing game to play with the right people, but it could be a rather uncomfortable game-playing experience with the wrong people.
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-22 8:42 PM

My mother shocked the socks off my sister by winning a round for which the card was "easing slowly down onto a cucumber".
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-09-22 4:34 PM
Not too much fun planned.  Plenty of cleaning to do and I'm planning to mow tomorrow morning.

I just sent an email to a friend who is a former vet tech, but I'll ask here as well: anyone have advice for dealing with fleas on dogs?  Dog is outside most of the day and she gets a monthly preventative, but she definitely has fleas.  Scratching and biting a lot and I can find some "flea dirt" under her fur, but I've never dealt with fleas so I don't know the best way to handle it.
Parent - - By runningteach [us] Date 2017-09-22 4:51 PM
There is a pill that you can get that kills the fleas. I have heard washing with Dawn dish detergent will drown the fleas. I would get spray for the house and vacuum everywhere. I'm always so nervous about fleas because I have a zoo.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-09-22 8:12 PM
I've heard of the pill, but I've also heard concerns about possibly toxicity (to pets, not just to fleas), so I'd rather not do that as a first course of treatment unless I have good reason to believe it is safe.  My friend recommended Dawn as well (and said she'd get back to me with more) so I think that may be where I start.  I'm hopeful that the fleas won't spread because we have only one room with carpet and the dog doesn't go in there.  The dog and the indoor cat have a cordial relationship, but rarely do more than touch noses; they mostly stay in different rooms.  The dog may not like baths, but I think the cat would be seriously unimpressed if I tried to bathe her. :laugh::cry:
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-09-22 9:00 PM
Treat the cat, but you may be OK. Do cats and dogs host the same fleas or are they different subspecies?

Bathing the dog is certainly likely to be easier than bathing the cat. If you need to bathe the cat, fencing gloves help...
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-09-22 9:15 PM
Not sure about the fleas on dogs vs. cats.

Honestly, if I could trap the cat in the enclosed shower, I'm not sure that she'd claw me.  She'd be pissed -- and maybe terrified -- but, no matter what I've done to her she has never even attempted to scratch anyone.  No, she isn't declawed.  She's a bit skittish, but seriously not aggressive.  Still, I'd rather not try bathing her.
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