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- - By Ballet [us] Date 2017-08-11 6:29 AM
Parent - - By Ballet [us] Date 2017-08-11 6:37 AM
No one home?  :blush:

Slow start this morning.  3 patients scheduled in our 1st run, 2 are no-shows.  Finally had a 2nd run patient show an hour early, so I'll stress him after the exercise physiologist gets him ready.

I might leave early today since we are pretty slow.  I'm really not worried about not getting my hours in.  I've had several weeks where I've gone over.

Girls are back in school!  It's going well so far.  Allison is loving senior year.  She is taking 2 classes online, so she gets to leave campus 2 hours early everyday. 

Stephanie quit dance a couple weeks ago.  Poorly run studio, lots of girl drama, so she was just done with it.  She just saved us about 6K.  Between the girls dropping dance and my bringing in $$, we are doing much better financially.  Just in time to send one to college next year!
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2017-08-11 7:24 AM
$6K for dance??? :shocker!:
Parent - - By Ballet [us] Date 2017-08-11 7:27 AM
Yep!  For one.  We paid $10K+ for 7 years for both.  :roll:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2017-08-11 7:34 AM
did that include hotels/travel to competitions or would that be on top of that cost?
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2017-08-11 7:33 AM
No shows and showing up an hour early? Those things would drive me crazy

Why is she doing 2 online classes?
Parent - By Ballet [us] Date 2017-08-11 8:07 AM
The $5-6K per girl per year was total what we spent each year, inclusive.
Allison wanted to do a couple of online courses.  The school system pays.  She likes getting out early, and gives her some flexibility if she gets a job.
We have no-shows occasionally, but we've had more than usual the last couple of days.  We are so slow today that we gladly jump on anyone who shows early so we can get ahead!
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2017-08-11 7:32 AM
I'm working form home today. Day care is closed. Luckily it is a short day at work so I just have to try to fit in 4-5 hours of work into the day

Should have gone for a run this morning but I was feeling lazy. Should be able to get out for some walks later as I think the rain has stopped

Debating the kids' consignment sale today (25% off) or tomorrow (50% off). I think it will be less busy today but since I'm not looking for anything in particular might just wait for 1/2 off day

Just realized CA is less than 2.5 weeks away. Need to start thinking about logistics!

Can't believe football season is here already. The funny thing is B's Colts' jerseys still fit him even though I bought them for last season. And I got him a Bengals one (for M) that was 6-9 months on super clearance right after I found out I was pregnant. It has been too big but looks like it will fit for this season, go figure

While my eating hasn't been amazing I don't feel like it is super duper terrible and yet my weight keeps going up. That whole BF losing weight thing is a myth lol
Parent - - By Ballet [us] Date 2017-08-11 8:09 AM
Where in CA are you going?  A is interested in San Diego State, so maybe she could come along and tour if that's where you are going!:wink:
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2017-08-11 8:13 AM
we are going to southern CA (orange county). Might make a trip to the San Diego zoo although it would be a long car ride so not sure (the ILs want to take him to the zoo). She can tag along for some babysitting and visit campus :laugh:
Parent - By Ballet [us] Date 2017-08-11 8:34 AM
How do you think he would do at the zoo?  At his age, seeing animals might be a little amusing, but I can't think he would be into it for too long.  : pbbt:
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2017-08-11 7:37 AM
--More rain. I guess this is good for the soybeans and garden.

--OK, so as my mom is preparing for the garage sale she has been texting me things to add to the flyer I’m creating. Yesterday, she sends me a text to add a rain barrel. And, then goes on to say “and a couple of boats”. :wtf::shocker!: Uh, you just happen to come across two boats you wanna sell? :laugh: This is going to be the most massive garage sale ever!

--We have tons of hummingbirds out here. They devoured the first container of syrup I put out. The next two they’ve barely touched. Evidently they prefer Grandma Marj’s homemade hummingbird syrup to the store bought stuff. : pbbt: Going to dump the commercial stuff out and make another batch from scratch.

--The creepy dude? Well, he slowly drove by my office yesterday. :mutmad::roll::wtf: I did end up getting probably more information on the guy than I should be allowed but too bad. Full name, address, vin #, year, make and model of the car. I’ll have Ana run him on Casenet and see if he has any criminal background. I just have a very uneasy feeling about the guy and generally my intuition is correct.

--I took two Aleve PM’s last night. Best thing I’ve done all week. Slept thru the night. Not sure if the arm/hand ever hurt or not because I was out like a light. I feel a million times better today.

--Had a nice visit with my cat lady yesterday. She has made some huge improvements since being home. She is able to get around quite well with her wheelchair and walker and can transition herself from the bed, couch and chair to one or the other. She has been making her own meals, feeding her cats and doing her laundry. She has a lady come in once a week to help her with a bath and do some cleaning. Her staff wound is all healed and she has gained about 6 pounds. :happy: She got a small window A/C unit and a couch which makes her living environment much more comfortable. Hopefully she continues to get better. :hug:
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2017-08-11 7:47 AM
how do you just randomly have a couple of boats :laugh::laugh:

Good to trust your intuition. How did you find all of the info - was it from the license plate?

wow that's a great update on cat lady! I'm impressed she is getting around on her own like that so well. I do hope she has someone (besides you) to be on call should she need it
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2017-08-11 7:53 AM
Yea, I got all that from the license plate #. Kind of have to know people in the right places who are willing to kind of bend the rules and do you a favor to get. But heck, if it means protecting myself I’ll do whatever it takes.

Yes, she has a couple guys (her “handymen”) who help her out a lot. They’ve been very good to her. She honestly does not ask much from me but knows I’m there if she needs someone. Family is just sitting back doing nothing waiting for her to die so they get her farm. :mutmad:

I think the boats belong to my brother, but still. :roll: He’s as bad as my dad when it come to taking shit as long as it’s free.
Parent - - By kelly_v Date 2017-08-11 8:15 AM
have you done any google or FB searches of his name out of curiosity?

She needs to will that property to someone else!
Parent - - By spiritbear [us] Date 2017-08-11 8:35 AM
I haven’t FB search him yet but I will. I googled his last name and it is a common surname in Nepal so I was close in my assumption of him being of Indian/Pakistani descent.

The property IS willed to someone else....her handymen guys! :laugh: The niece and son in law who were previous beneficiaries have no clue. :evil:
Parent - By elmtree Date 2017-08-11 8:49 AM is a good resource for checking current violations (but doesn't show priors)
Parent - By Ballet [us] Date 2017-08-11 8:12 AM
Creepy dude is really creepy!  He needs to give it up.  Be safe!!

Awesome news about cat lady!!  She really has come so far.  You are her angel for sure!
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