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- - By swandive Date 2017-08-05 3:58 PM
Post all of the things!
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-08-05 4:05 PM
The nieces survived their parents being gone for two whole days.  The eldest two were fairly easily placated by ice cream and movies.  The youngest one is 18 months, so she's a bit too young to get into much of anything other than being surgically attached to Mama, but she was mostly ok.  I, however, am tired and I'd forgotten how crowded everything is when one goes grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon.  I was "supposed" to do a long run this morning, but was up with the kids instead so I'm running tomorrow morning.
Parent - By gophergirl [us] Date 2017-08-06 5:11 AM
Stores are horrible on weekend afternoons.:meh:

Have a good run this morning.
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2017-08-06 8:01 PM
Good luck with your run!
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-08-06 10:00 PM
You are a saint for caring for three small ones for two days. I hope your sister and BIL appreciate all you do for them.
Parent - - By Nomad Date 2017-08-05 4:23 PM
4 miles this morning. Shoes feel great, the rest of me notsomuch. But just general muscle ache nothing bad. I have a feeling my long run tomorrow morning will hurt given my legs are still tired now but I guess that just helps with endurance for the half #positivethinking

Off to site tomorrow afternoon so it's TM next week which is just plain miserable to contemplate
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-08-05 4:29 PM
Which shoes did you end up with?  I know you posted, but I forgot and I'm too lazy too look it up. :blush:  I have neutral feet (but I guess the heel and toe are fairly proportional :wtf:) and I run in Mizuno Wave Riders.  I used to run in Asics Landreths until they were discontinued. :cry:

Damn treadmill. :mutmad:
Parent - - By Nomad Date 2017-08-05 4:36 PM
Brooks Ghost. My store doesn't carry Mizunos which I would've liked to have tried. But I have a narrow heel/wide forefoot so Asics are too tight at the front and I suspect Mizuno will be the same. I wore Brooks Adrenalines for years so it makes some sense that I like another Brooks.  I tried the Glycerin as well and it would've been fine but the Ghost had just a little more room in the toebox area so I got those instead.

Not just TM but hill repeats. The only thing I hate more than the TM is doing hills on it - I always feel like I'm about to slide off the back :cry:
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-08-05 5:00 PM
I think I wore Brooks Glycerins for a little while when the Asics Landreths suffered through some awful "update," but I seem to remember thinking they felt kinda squishy.  That was probably at least eight years ago, though..

I refuse to run on a treadmill. :blush:  I might be able to manage three hours outside, but I feel like I'm dying within about three minutes on a treadmill. :blush:
Parent - By ironjen Date 2017-08-06 4:32 AM
I always feel like I'm going to slide off the back just plain running. I ALWAYS hold on. No matter what I'm doing. I'm sure I look like one of those people who are going to fast for their ability but I don't care :blush:
Parent - By judyruns Date 2017-08-06 8:55 AM Edited 2017-08-06 8:58 AM
Really upbeat news from your analysis, Nomad. Adrenalines have a great rounded toe. It lets toes go everywhich way if they want. :laugh:
I don't feel like I am working out on a TM, just bouncing around. :meh:
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2017-08-06 8:02 PM
Good luck with the long run. I hope you have a better than expected TM run.
Parent - - By gophergirl [us] Date 2017-08-06 5:10 AM
Ran a 5K yesterday, first sub 7 pace (6:56) 5K and a PR!:grin: (Beat my time from 6 years ago) and finished first woman, 2nd overall behind a 17 yo boy. Then ran back to finish with O, she was smiles the entire time. It was an out and back course so I passed her once. She was so proud to tell me she ran the entire time. She finished 30:55 and was the youngest runner. (I shared a picture the race took on FB, she looks so happy). Finished 10 miles after while O and DH fished at the lake.
Now heading out for 14 miles this morning, going to be rough. I'm tired and didn't sleep well. Then we get to go see the ILs (today was MILs birthday) followed by more fun of ordering everything for our kitchen remodeling.
Parent - By easternshoregir [us] Date 2017-08-06 5:53 AM
Wow, woman! You go. I am so impressed! Congrats! Not just to you, but to O too. So glad to hear she's excited about running. I have some friends doing a "running club" with their kids (10-14yo) and the kids love it. I only hope our kids will be excited by running as they get older.
Parent - By judyruns Date 2017-08-06 8:55 AM
Congrats to you and O on the race! :grin::cool:
Parent - By tritri Date 2017-08-06 9:11 AM
:cool:  Awesome job on your race!  Always great to get a PR after so many years of running!
Parent - By Nomad Date 2017-08-06 1:30 PM
:cool: I saw that on FB. Congratulations...and I'm sure you'd have taken the 17 yo in a 10K :laugh:
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-08-06 2:50 PM
Congratulations on a great race!  And :cool: for O.
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-08-06 8:54 AM
Yeah, about that so early and so tired... The baby was screaming at 3:15 this morning and I never really got back to sleep after that. :meh:  I finally gave up and got up a little after 5 and headed out to run as soon as it started to get light, which is about 6:20.  I ran a halfway decent 14.5 miles.  It's my longest run since June.  A few weeks ago when I had that awful run where I got light-headed and ended up having to walk the last couple of miles, a biker (motorcyclist, not a bicyclist) stopped to ask if I was ok.  He said he'd seen me out running a lot but had never seen me walking before.  This morning he passed me again and gave me a grin and a "yay!" :laugh:
Parent - By judyruns Date 2017-08-06 8:57 AM
Sorry about the screaming. :sad: Working out is hard when you haven't had enough sleep.
Excellent work on the 14.5 miler! Yay for the encouragement. :cool:
Parent - By tritri Date 2017-08-06 9:10 AM
Oh, ugh.  Great job on getting the run in anyways.  Hope you can nap, or at least hide somewhere quiet for a while.
Parent - By Nomad Date 2017-08-06 1:33 PM
I'm not sure to be :cool: or :shocker!: that you're clearly famous in the area!  Mostly I think it's :cool: because you have people looking out for your welfare

I thought of you at the airport just now - at the restaurant there was a baby (not a newborn) on one side of me screaming with some well developed lungs and a dog barking on the other side. I figured that's been your life recently :cry: It did make me slightly less annoyed at having to spend a week on site = no-one under 18 and no pets :laugh: Although those over 18 do tend to use the word 'fuck' the way most of us use 'um' which is strangely jarring after being in the city for a while.
Parent - - By tritri Date 2017-08-06 9:08 AM
Decided to take Friday afternoon and Monday off work, since suddenly I don't have much to do there, plus DH is on a bike trip that makes me nervous. Riding from the foothills to Aspen today, staying at a hotel, and riding back tomorrow.  172 miles each way. :shocker!:  So, he's crazy.  He has strava beacon so I can see where he is, but there are afternoon thunderstorms and he's going over Independence Pass and I think he'll get a lot of rain this weekend.  Cold front going through.  I couldn't talk him into doing it next weekend instead.

Anyway, I decided to be gung-ho about fitness and do core work every day and work out all but one day a week in August...and then I slipped down 2 stairs and my knees are even grumpier.  And Friday I swam, then got a migraine, so no core.  Then Saturday I biked a short 9 mile ride with 6 high cadence granny gear hills.  So that was good.  Then was running an errand with DH and heading out to lunch with him and got a weird pain in the right side, down low.  So, I just ordered soup and hardly ate it.  DH got a good meal.  The pain got worse and worse and then was alternating 4-9 on the pain scale, so we ended up at the ER as it was on the way home.  CT showed it was diverticulitis, which my Mom and one sister have.  Man is that painful.  So...back on drugs and hardly eating; 2 antibiotics and pain meds. I slept pretty fitfully last night, and I just need to rest the intestines with a liquid or soft food diet, so I won't have the energy for working out.  Anyway, given my streak of bad luck, maybe DH will be OK on his ride.
Parent - By Nomad Date 2017-08-06 1:35 PM
:shocker!::sad: You are seriously getting all your medical bad luck for the decade in at once. I don't really know what diverticulitis is but I hope it's an easy fix and while you're recovering from that your knees start to behave :hug:
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-08-06 2:54 PM
That's a crazy bike trip. :shocker!:

And seriously? :cry:  Your body is being ridiculously uncooperative. :cry:
Parent - By judyruns Date 2017-08-06 3:12 PM
Sending best wishes on getting better quickly to you. You really had a lot hit you at once! :hug:
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-08-06 10:01 PM
That is a miserable streak indeed. Hope you can divert the diverticulitis far away from you.
Parent - - By Nomad Date 2017-08-06 1:42 PM
10 miles this morning. First mile was shit then it was surprisingly OK until the last couple of miles - which made sense as this is my longest run in forever (10+ yrs). My back hurt at 4 miles, my legs felt like lead jelly (who knew that was even possible : pbbt:) from mile 7 onward....but my right knee was no worse than my left, and my feet didn't hurt at all :cool: Usually my left forefoot feels crampy after 4ish miles so I was waiting for that...and it never happened. I definitely felt better this week than I did last week doing 8.5 miles. Plus the niggles I felt on the hill workout were different from those I felt yesterday & different again from those I felt today.  So I declare the Brooks Ghost a total success :grin:

Iced my knee, ate, then 15 mins in the hot tub, and I'm now at the airport waiting to go to site.  I'm nervous about the stairs down to the plane (no jet bridge) and the long ride in plane/bus with my knee tightly bent but I have little choice and I do at least have a 1st floor room arranged so hopefully the improvement in my knee won't get curtailed

Oh, and I've done my physio exercises every night <insert halo emoticon>
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-08-06 2:52 PM
Woah, great job on getting back up to double digits! :cool:  I'm glad to hear the new shoes are working out!
Parent - By noquitter [us] Date 2017-08-06 8:03 PM
Good for you on all fronts!
Parent - By tritri Date 2017-08-07 9:37 AM
Awesome!  I'm so glad the shoes worked!
Parent - By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-08-07 3:05 PM
Yay for the shoes working!
- By Arimathea [us] Date 2017-08-06 10:03 PM
10 miles Saturday morning. First double digit run outside of races for some time.

Was at a convention Friday/Saturday, had to leave Long Beach at 4:30 this morning to get back home for early church, so no run. Hoping to get back to serious training. I have missed it.
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