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- - By triplejake (The Vampire Lestat) [us] Date 2017-08-04 3:56 PM
After the many years of false starts and anticipation, the Dark Tower movie is here and apparently pretty bad.  :cry:   Anyone going to see it anyway?
Parent - By jaszflamus (I like wool!) Date 2017-08-04 7:02 PM
Nope, despite the hype. Ms flamus and I are seeing Dunkirk Sunday on IMAX on recommendation from our kid and I can't wait for that since I know the story. But Dark Tower, no thanks.
Parent - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2017-08-06 8:46 PM
The preview looks like shit. I am certainly not going to see it at the theater and doubt I'll even bother with it on DVD.
Parent - - By N70SAK Date 2017-08-06 10:20 PM
Matthew McConaughey was a deal breaker from the start. Not watching it.  Still kinda irked about The Stand too. :meh:
Parent - - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2017-08-07 1:10 PM
Matthew McConaughey was a deal breaker from the start.

Parent - - By jennyO Date 2017-08-07 4:30 PM
:roll: I think he's a pretty good choice because he is capable of conveying Walter's wicked sense of humor.  But I always see Walter/The Man in Black as the guy who played Randall Flagg in The Stand miniseries.
Parent - - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2017-08-07 4:48 PM
Now Randall Flagg makes awkward commercials for Lincoln.
Parent - By jennyO Date 2017-08-07 5:11 PM
Parent - - By callie [ca] Date 2017-08-09 2:20 PM
Yes me too!!
Parent - By jennyO Date 2017-08-09 4:14 PM
:grin::cool: And the guy who plays Larry Underwood is also how I see Eddie Dean. :blush:
Parent - By adamswims (Gone Now Adam! You pick what you want.) Date 2017-08-07 6:36 PM
I get that people don't like him based on interviews, etc. but as an actor playing a role, he is pretty good.
Parent - - By soundandfury (100 mile stud) Date 2017-08-07 11:25 AM
Jenny and I are going to see it on Thursday. I don't read SK's books, and have no expectations of the movie. Jenny knows it's being panned by critics and fans, but she's waited so long for it to make it to the big screen, she doesn't really care.

I'm going to drag her to Dunkirk on Sunday, I hope.
Parent - - By jennyO Date 2017-08-07 12:13 PM
I will go to Dunkirk on Sunday - great idea!

Yes, I'm going to see it no matter what.  I'm even hoping to see it in the super-fancy XD theater in the brief blink of an eye before it disappears.  I think it was inevitable this movie would be panned.  Maybe the story is dumb to begin with, and then they changed it up so fans loyal to the books hate it as well.  Whatever, I don't care.  I'm still going.
Parent - - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2017-08-07 12:44 PM
You're part of the problem, encouraging this bull sh*t.:mutmad::mutmad::mutmad::mutmad::mutmad::mutmad:

You've really, truly, deeply forgotten the face of your father.
Parent - By Photocat [us] Date 2017-08-07 12:47 PM
Parent - By jennyO Date 2017-08-07 4:27 PM
Dude!  I'm just happy the movie has finally, FINALLY been made.  And it's really meant to be an introduction to the TV series, apparently, which will get into the good stuff.  I'm sure I'm going to have a TON of beefs with things they have changed, but I still can't wait to see it.
Parent - - By triplejake (The Vampire Lestat) [us] Date 2017-08-11 2:34 PM
And??? :wtf::shocker!:
Parent - By soundandfury (100 mile stud) Date 2017-08-11 2:53 PM
We liked it. I thought Matthew Macauhgnahannanahay gave a poor performance* but Idris Elba was really good, as was the kid who played Jake. I know very little of the Dark Tower universe, so this was all fresh for me. I think they managed to make a more or less coherent story of an 8-book, 4k-word series in only 90-minutes. It set up a TV series continuation fairly well. Wasn't high art, but given I had no expectations of it, I was entertained.

* I was reminded he was fantastic in Dallas Buyers Club, which means he has a Nic Cage like consistency.
Parent - - By jennyO Date 2017-08-11 3:48 PM
Even though I knew it wasn't going to be a literal adaptation, I was really thrown by the differences for the first half of the movie.  Then around midway through I settled in and appreciated it.  They managed to explain (as best that's possible!) a lot of high level concepts that really don't get explicated until later books.  For example, the use of psychic beam-breakers.  It bugged me that they twisted the story to make Jake a breaker, but I understand the need to simplify.  I guess the main thing that grated on me was how the whole thing was set up to be Roland versus Walter.  They even had a bit of moralizing from Jake about how Roland should be pursuing the larger goal of saving the Tower rather than just getting revenge on Walter.  First thing I told everyone when we left the theater is that Walter is really a minor character in the books.  He's just a minion of the Crimson King, right?  But anyway, they need to bring people into the theater, and the whole superhero versus villain thing is the kind of simplistic pablum people are after in a movie like this.  I really hope they get more nuanced in the TV series.

Positives:  Idris Elba was totally convincing as Roland.  I wasn't prepared for that, to be honest.  I just had always pictured Roland looking like Clint Eastwood from the spaghetti westerns.  But he played him perfectly.  He nailed it.  As SNF said, the kid who played Jake was great too, although my daughter (who's reading - and enjoying! - Gunslinger now) pointed out that he looks like a young teenager, whereas Jake was only like 10 or 11.  Also, the fighting was pretty cool.

I still really wish someone would do a straight adaptation of the books.  A long TV series would be perfect.  But I'm happy to have this, anyway.  And I can't wait to see IT!
Parent - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2017-08-11 4:10 PM
As someone who hasn't seen it I have to say that it sucks balls.
Parent - By triplejake (The Vampire Lestat) [us] Date 2017-08-12 11:23 AM
Sounds worth checking out at some point -- maybe I'll catch it next weekend.  :cool:
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