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Up Topic Communities / Women / Weak in the Knees Wednesday NRR
- - By Zipper [us] Date 2017-07-26 8:58 AM
Yeah, a few of us are literally weak in the knees, but good things can make you feel a bit wobbly-kneed too. :happy:

Anything awesome in your world today?
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2017-07-26 9:08 AM
Happy to report that my sweet tortie girl, Dali, is all happy and healthy again. She is lolling here as I type, rolling onto her back and making kneady-paws in the air, purring her little head off. :hug:

And the big new kitty, Leif, is settling in beautifully. Dali was wary of him at first, but he's super-chill with her and Nellie. Nellie still hisses at him occasionally and gets a little defensive, but T-bone and I woke up this morning to all three cats scattered around us on the bed, all sleeping peacefully. :hug: So I think they are good with each other.

T-bone and I are about to start packing for Pennsic War and the wedding. Looking forward to it. Being with him makes me feel quietly, solidly happy...and it seems like that feeling increases just a little each day. We also make each other laugh. It is super-sweet to see how much more easily he laughs now. He looks more and more like his younger self when he does. Yeah, he makes me a little weak in the knees. :hug::hug::hug:
Parent - By tritri Date 2017-07-26 9:53 AM
:hug::hug:  All great news!
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-07-26 7:00 PM
I'm so glad to hear that Dali is healthy again and that Leif is settling in. :hug:
Parent - - By reebs (chicken whisperer) Date 2017-07-26 9:54 AM
I slept through the whole night without coughing last night!!  This is a joyous day! Perhaps that antibiotic actually did something! :happy:
Parent - By tritri Date 2017-07-26 9:57 AM
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2017-07-26 10:47 AM
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2017-07-26 1:30 PM
*victory hands* :grin::grin::grin:

No more looking for pieces of your lungs scattered across the bed when you get up in the morning? That's a good feeling! How is the rib?
Parent - By gophergirl [us] Date 2017-07-26 3:57 PM
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-07-26 7:00 PM
Parent - - By tritri Date 2017-07-26 9:56 AM
I went to see the knee Dr yesterday as they persist in swelling at the slightest provocation, and flaring up where I can't do anything for a week.  The implants are good, but the swelling is due to the microfracture, which was aggressive.  They said I can have swelling for 6-8 months from it.  They could do cortizone, but didn't like that option because of how it can delay healing.  I don't like that option due to pain!  So, he Rx Celebrex, and then the pharmacy said the insurance denied coverage, and it would be $300/month out of pocket.  :mutmad:  So, now I wait on the Dr to battle the insurance, or Rx something else. 

The good news is we leave on Friday-Monday to see DS!!  So happy to get to see him and celebrate his birthday early!  :hug::hug:
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2017-07-26 1:31 PM
Cool about going to see DS, but DAMMIT on the microfracturing issues. Their initial recovery estimate now seems like a downright lie. :mutmad:
Parent - - By tritri Date 2017-07-26 1:54 PM
Yes, the 100% at 3 months was a lie.  And they never mentioned swelling issues, so when I stalled out, even the PT people were perplexed as to why I haven't been progressing, why I still can't go down stairs.  The more I do, the more swelling, and the more pain, and the more limited I get.  So, I do PT, but then I can't do much else in the day.  If I overdo it a tiny bit, I can't do anything except work and ice for a week.  So frustrating.  To save my sanity, I am trying to just accept that it is what it is.  And I think I may do some swimming in the lake to get more exercise, because I highlight my hair, so pool swimming even once kills it.  I may like outside swimming more and it won't kill my hair. : pbbt:
Parent - - By Zipper [us] Date 2017-07-26 5:04 PM
Outdoor swimming can be pretty awesome.
Parent - - By reebs (chicken whisperer) Date 2017-07-26 11:39 PM
Parent - - By tritri Date 2017-07-27 8:46 AM
Yes, I was thinking of you!  Reebs does it!
Parent - - By reebs (chicken whisperer) Date 2017-07-27 9:15 AM
I'd take you out here if I could. Let me know if you need help thinking through any logistics.  If you are going in a place with motor boats I HIGHLY recommend one of these. You can get them at different price points and in different sizes.
Parent - By tritri Date 2017-07-27 10:08 AM
Thanks.  There is a lake I bike around, so just a few miles from my house; maybe 5 for the swim beach.  I am very out of swimming shape, so I'll just swim beside the bobby things that outline the swimming course.  Challenge will be walking on sand.  :roll:  For fun, I could drive to another State Park as they have a pond that I used to swim for triathlon training.  It's nicer and has less sand.
Parent - By swandive Date 2017-07-26 7:02 PM
That is hella frustrating. :cry:  Especially since they're just telling you about this 6-8 month timeline. :mutmad:

I'm glad you're getting to visit DS! :happy:
Parent - - By swandive Date 2017-07-26 7:54 PM
Not awesome: the 18-month-old has been screaming for an hour now. :meh:  Her bed is almost directly below mine.  I get that it's not easy for some kids to learn to sleep on their own and I know that a bit of jet lag certainly isn't going to make it better, but I like children a lot more when they aren't screaming. :meh:

I'm (obviously) not going to sleep yet, but there's a decent chance this will repeat itself at 2am.
Parent - By Zipper [us] Date 2017-07-27 7:50 AM
Children are generally more endearing when they are happy and not screaming, yes. :meh:
Parent - By kelly_v Date 2017-07-27 8:59 AM
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