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- - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-07-16 8:04 AM
Well if you liked the Karen and Dawn show yesterday, join us again today.: pbbt:
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2017-07-16 8:08 AM
Sunday Sunday.  Runday Runday.    3.23 humid miles.  I wrapped 3 ice cubes in my bandana and they didn't melt so it wasn't that hot but it sure was difficult. 

Fun fact; we had our first locally grown corn on the cob last night. words can't describe.  And they had tomatoes already so I grabbed 3 of those too.  Going to whip some tomato/fresh basil goodness later today.  And my hubby grabbed a jar of their homemade saurkraut.  Toot toot.
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2017-07-16 12:37 PM
Good for you getting in the miles in the humid weather! Nothing beats locally grown fresh veggies! Hoping my brother and his wife stop by for a visit today--bringing along some goodies from their garden!!:wink::grin:
Parent - - By runnergeel [us] Date 2017-07-16 8:56 AM
well I'm back to the Karen and Dawn show. Part two. :laugh:

group run in the woods. 8.14 miles. nice run. was almost pleasant this morning.
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2017-07-16 12:38 PM
Almost pleasant is probably the best you can ask for in the heat of summer!!
Parent - - By Dave59 [us] Date 2017-07-16 9:14 AM
Ran 5 this morning so I could hit 20 for the week.  That was my goal for the second half of the year but after 2 successful weeks I am not sure how the next 2 will work out with all the kid activities.  I'll give it a shot and see how it works.

I don't know how our Atlanta forumites get around.  The traffic is unbelievable.  I thought we'd never make it to the hotel but we finally arrived.  We took my daughter Lauren and Annabelle out to dinner and some shopping.  Annabelle and I went to the hotel pool which was really a large hot tub but we didn't turn on the heat or the jets.  We made the best of it as I showed her how to go around and around to build up a current and then you can float around in circles.  She had fun with that.

Yesterday was Legoland Discovery Center, not to be confused with the major Legoland amusement parks.  It was fun but Annabelle was at the high end of the age range that it was designed for.  The drive home to WV fortunately was a lot easier that the trip to Georgia.  Once we were back we went for a short swim in the condo pool and ordered a pizza for a very late dinner.

Cindy took Annabelle to the pool thing morning while I did some laundry and vacuumed.  The cat hair was everywhere and driving me crazy.  One of our cats has been going downhill in her grooming skills so I had to get some pet wipes and help her out.
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2017-07-16 12:40 PM
Dave-we live outside of Atlanta and I dread going ANYWHERE near the city! I grew up there, but I absolutely hate it now-simply because of the traffic.

One of these days I hope to be able to say I hit 20 miles for the week again!
Parent - - By ironjen Date 2017-07-16 9:52 AM
Hi Karen and Dawn show.
My back is still messed up but yesterday and today I swam 2000 yards with a PB. It hurt still swimming but not as bad and I discovered if I actually engaged my abs my back didn't hurt. Who knew!
Parent - - By pamruns [us] Date 2017-07-16 12:42 PM
Sorry your back is still messed up, Jen.:sad: Ray hurt his back a couple of weeks ago and it's been hurting worse the past few days, but I'm sure it's because of his lawn mowing the other day.
Parent - By ironjen Date 2017-07-16 2:02 PM
Mowing the lawn is what messed my back up. The mower got stuck and when I pulled to get it unstuck, managed to get my entire pelvis out of alignment and caused ALL the muscles of my back, sides and abs to spasm and lock down. Fun times.
Parent - - By rungear [us] Date 2017-07-16 12:10 PM
Well, I am going to give it a try!   Registering for a 10K running event, and maybe I have a chance placing in the top 5 over the age of 70?   I'll find out!   It is scheduled for Saturday 7/22!    I'll find out?    My target is a sub 60 minutes!    Gotta give it a shot!

Have a good Sunday, and a good upcoming week!
Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2017-07-16 12:20 PM
Good luck!
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2017-07-16 12:43 PM
Good luck to you! Yes-you gotta give it a shot!
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2017-07-16 12:21 PM
Hello all!

I lurked late last night but did not post.

And now here I am. I have done an upper arm/core video and will do a cardio one later or maybe go for a PW.  I have had a great weekend and just need to find the right words to describe it.

We saw "The Big Sick" last night --very good movie.

Enjoy your Sunday Funday!
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2017-07-16 12:44 PM
Glad you had a great weekend!
Parent - - By pamruns [us] Date 2017-07-16 12:57 PM
Ray and I got in a lot of exercise yesterday walking around 2 different malls. I was determined to find a couple of shirts that I can be comfortable in for the rest of the summer. I have some issues with things rubbing under my arm where the lymph nodes were removed so I was looking for a very specific type of shirts, which I finally found at an outlet mall-on sale!

Alex came home last night for the first time in a few weeks, so we've just been enjoying spending time with her. She is working at her college teaching/tutoring Russian. Her professor recommended her for the position and she loves it, but it is 7 days a week position for six weeks and she has been working from 8:30 am to 10 pm and sometimes until midnight or later. She does classroom teaching during the day and has to help the students with homework at night. They did warn her not to plan to have any sort of life outside of teaching for the 6 weeks! They let her off work yesterday at 6 pm and she has to be back at 5 today and will be there until midnight. Even a short visit with her is nice though! Conor also came home from the beach yesterday and after being super-chatty last night he is now back to playing on his x-box with a friend!
Parent - - By oncearunner [us] Date 2017-07-16 3:48 PM
Enjoy your time with Alex.  How many languages does she know?  I am impressed that she know Russian as I think it would be a very hard language to learn.
Parent - By pamruns [us] Date 2017-07-17 12:52 PM
Thanks! She knows Spanish, French, Russian and a little Japanese......Me?? Yeah, I barely speak English!
Parent - - By DottieO Date 2017-07-16 3:43 PM
I swam the tri course today! I didn't drown. I had a "swim angel" who stayed with me and she was so patient and encouraging. I'm am not afraid of the OWS anymore. I've got this! :grin: we were all done in under 30 minutes which seems so long for 600 yards. I forgot my watch. I'm going to swim it again a few more times even though the buoys won't be out. I mentally noted a few landmarks so I can get an approximate race day distance.

My knee is feeling better. I'm doing brisk walking so I can maybe maintain my progress. The tri is a week from today.

Parent - By oncearunner [us] Date 2017-07-16 3:47 PM
Oh Dottie --so happy and proud of you!

Hope the knee keeps feeling better.
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