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- - By george [us] Date 2014-06-13 7:14 AM
Okay shoe peeps, don't let me down! I am in the market for a new workout shoe. I want to wear them for tempo runs, fartleks, and maybe a few track workouts, but I want them to be able to handle some higher mileage days (faster long runs, a marathon here and there perhaps). Here are my requirements:

Lightweight (under 10 oz is a must, preferably under 8 oz)
Neutral (no medial posting of any kind, and preferably no plastic poopies)
Firm cushioning (but enough that I can wear for warmup and cooldown for 12+ miles total, but not so soft that it feels slow on a track)
Low-profile (0-6mm heel-toe offset preferred but not required)
Affordable (I want to be able to get a pair for under $100, and preferably under $80. Last year's models are A-OK.)

Something like a firmer Saucony Kinvara would be perfect, or a cheaper Adidas Takumi Sen. I've been out of the shoe loop for a while (running down 10 pairs of shoes will do that I guess), so let me hear your suggestions!
Parent - - By darbycrash Date 2014-06-13 4:37 PM
I really like the NB 1400's.

the offset is 9mm but it feels like less. It might feel a bit soft in the heel to you though.
Parent - By george [us] Date 2014-06-14 2:15 PM
I did really like the 1600s that I was using as a marathon flat until they gave me huge blisters on my arches... Wonder if the 1400v2 would have that issue or not. Thanks for the suggestion.
Parent - - By Oog Date 2014-06-14 3:54 PM
What about the Saucony Fastwitch?

Lightweight - Check
Neutral - It says it has some medial support, but I can't feel it.
Firm - not sure on this
4 MM drop
and $80 at Running Warehouse.

If Saucony's worked in the past no reason they shouldn't work again. I got a pair but haven't ran in them yet.
Parent - - By george [us] Date 2014-06-15 8:56 AM
I'm very leery about using anything that has a medial post. But then again, I do wear the Saucony Mirage, which technically have a very slight amount of support. They're not my favorite shoe, but the posting doesn't bother me so maybe the Fastwitch would work for me. Thanks.
Parent - By Oog Date 2014-06-15 10:00 PM
I did  a fair amount of research on this.  I think the shoe that fits your needs may not exist. Time to get busy creatin'
Parent - By jwd1113 Date 2014-06-16 12:31 PM
close,  but doesn't meet all your specs

NB 890v4

i just got a like-new pair off ebay.  

8 mm drop.  RW has them for $88.95 before any discount

may be too soft for you but felt very nice to me.

if you like running sock-less, this might be a good choice.  very smooth and soft interior (noticed the review of the 1400 said it's rough inside)
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