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- By Oog Date 2014-04-12 8:12 PM
I'm sure this makes me a bad person but I am annoyed by all this Boston hype.  Let me be clear, I do feel very bad of the families of those injured or killed and my thoughts will be with them on Monday. But not the person saw the bombing and was "motivated" to run a marathon or the guy who finished an hour before the event and was relaxing in his hotel when they went off or the person who heard about it.

I'm sorry most people  aren't a victims here. Runners aren't victims because we "run." Boston runners aren't "victims" because they ran the race once. You aren't a victim if you didn't  get to finish the race because of what happened.  The running community trying to take ownership of this tragedy is just dumb. Plus it gives those 2 idiots way more power than they should.  The message of this wrong...there is a huge overreaction on security for the runners, the media coverage will be overblown, the personals stories will be milked.

Like I said
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