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- - By aadair [us] Date 2014-03-14 7:07 PM
Since I'm done having kids, I'm finally getting serious about distances. Running 2-2.5 miles 2-3xs a week right now, hoping to run a half in the fall. Current Asics 2170 have about 100 miles on them (I'm terrible at keeping track) and I'm not having any issues/injuries. When should I get another pair of shoes to rotate in?? When I hit a certain mileage running or when my current shoes reach say 200 miles? Should I stick with the same shoe or go with something different (i.e. Brooks Adrenaline) to mix it up a bit for my body (i.e. too help prevent overuse/repetition injuries)?

Parent - - By Oog Date 2014-03-14 9:29 PM
This is like asking how many kids should you have. ;-)

actually, it varies with most people.

For me I have a reasons for different shoes. For example, I have shoe I wear on quicker up-tempo days, I have shoe for longer runs and a shoe for more trail type runs. etc. I also have at least 2 pr so I can leave on in the car for runs during lunch.

Some people stick with what works and they have a number of the same pair. Usually, it's because they like a certain version of a shoe and the new version changes something so they want to stick with that version. I like to try different types of shoes, but I have a base company that works. I stick with  then branch out.

Lastly, it also depends on how fast you expect the pair to wear out. Most of my shoes top out at 400miles..but I know other people who go 800-1000 miles.

If your Asics are working and aren't causing injury I see no problem with sticking to what works for you.   If you want to pick up another pair, that'd work. If they are brining out the new model you can often get the older pair at a significant discount.  Some people like to rotate them in near the end life of one shoe...others just when they buy it. It really doesn't matter, at least I don't think it does. 

I've worn some version of the Saucony Kinvara since 2010 and they've been a great shoe for me. Shoe model change form year to year so I can't see developing an injury just from using the same shoe. But I think it's good to try different brands from time-to-time just to see if you might find something that suits you better.

And if you  are like me, price is usually the main driver on when I purchase shoes.  For example, I've been wanting to try the Saucony Viratta. They usually for for $90, but I waited until I saw them for $43 on Amazon before I bought them. I really didn't factor in when I was going to rotate them. I figured it'd be sooner or later.
Parent - By aadair [us] Date 2014-03-14 9:42 PM
Whatever works for it. :hug: :wink:
Parent - By neustkg (Important) Date 2014-03-15 11:27 AM Edited 2014-03-15 11:29 AM
Since I go with Asics Nimbus, which are Neutral Plus, and I weigh about 240 pounds, when my shoes hit about 400 miles, it's usually time to start looking for a new pair.  I usually buy one pair and when they wear out, I buy another.  I don't rotate different shoes at the same time.  That's just me.  After so many miles, you may start feeling it in your lower legs or feet.  If I go too long, my ankles start really feeling it.  Another problem in some shoes is the outer heel may start to really wear away, giving a pretty good bevel.  I have to be very careful about that, especially since the Nimbus seemed to change their sole material recently.

Many here aren't fans of Road Runner Sports, but I really like them.  I have a store nearby and will either buy from them if the price is right or buy online.  I can always return at our local store if there is a problem.  Plus, they have the 90 day return policy regardless of the shoe wear.  If you keep an eye on the sales going on, you can usually get a pretty good deal when you need a new pair.
Parent - By jwd1113 Date 2014-03-18 1:49 PM
there is some evidence that using different shoes reduces injuries

i always get new shoes whenever there is a sale on a shoe i'm pretty sure will work for me and that i'm really interested in   :happy:

used to be really bad about it - i'd try all kinds of shoes. don't waste as much money on shoes as i used to

even though i'm a low mileage, 3 times a week runner, i rarely, if ever, use the same shoes for 2 runs in a row.

i use a stability shoe (Kayano or Lunarglide)  for long slow runs will often wear lighter neutral shoes for most anything else.
Parent - - By aadair [us] Date 2014-04-21 3:47 PM
Thanks guys. My toes keep going numb, mostly my little ones. I think I may need to switch to a neutral plus shoe - feels like the post may be forcing my foot out too much. Hoping to hit RRS today and get my stride re-analyzed since I've had another baby. Do to $$ going to said kids, I'll like just have one and wear it out. Perhaps when they get bigger and I start working again I'll add to my rotation.
Parent - By neustkg (Important) Date 2014-04-21 9:20 PM Edited 2014-04-21 9:29 PM
Make sure you have enough room in the toe box.  I wear a size 14 street shoe, but there is not enough room for my toes, so I have to wear a size 15 (since there is no size 14.5).  If your toes go numb, could be not enough room.

If you are looking at Neutral Plus, try the Saucony Triumph.  They are on sale now at RRS.  I personally like the Asics Gel Nimbus, and they seem to be on sale, too.  That is, depending on your size.  I loved the Nike Vomero, but they (actually the heel material) wore out very quickly for me.  I personally would stay away from New Balance 1080 as this model (from a few years ago) wore out (cushioning) very quickly for me.  You might like the Brooks Glycerin, but the heel material is similar to the Nike Vomero, and could wear out quickly for you (if you tend to be a heel striker).
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