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Up Topic General / Injuries / back after shoulder surgery
- - By 4hoursorbust [us] Date 2014-01-27 12:00 PM
I know you run with your legs.: pbbt: Had my shoulder clean out and was down for the past 8 weeks.  I did a ton of walking and spin biking but I went out yesterday with my Yak Tracks in the latest snow and  a had pretty good 5 mile run. No pain in the shoulder and the extra 10lb post surgery/ post Christmas didn't hold me back. Still going to therapy twice a week and doing my at 2 times rehab at work and home.. I'm about 60% shoulder wise in ROM and strength which my Doc said is great for a 60 year old 8 weeks post surgery. He said  runners usually heal faster and their pain threshold helps in the rehab.  Funny thing I hurt while tubing down a river  when I stopped  held on to a branch to wait up for my family.  I did not see a Doctor ( DON"T DO THIS) for 3 months but was able to run the Philly Marathon. So I'm back look for me soon with my Philly to the Ardmore  Friday after work run commutes.... well  maybe in another month or so.
Parent - By zaggor [gb] Date 2015-01-05 9:53 AM
I have rotator cuff on my right shoulder which hurt when I raise my arms. It definitily effect my daily life as well as my training. I have been doing Phsyo for the past 3 months and I don't feel it gets better. I got steroid last month which also didn't help. I try not to lose my hope :)
Up Topic General / Injuries / back after shoulder surgery

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