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- - By JGG [us] Date 2013-11-30 5:00 AM
Anyone tried this yet? I saw it at RRS. The color is butt ugly; it is built on the elite last and weights around 9 oz so it's about an oz lighter than the zoom elite. Like a lot of nike's new offerings the zoom air is only in the forefoot. Same price as the lunar fly.
Parent - - By orbitboy (I dont even have an appendage!) Date 2013-12-05 10:24 AM
Weird that nobody else seems to have it, including the Nike site.

A friend of mine recently asked me if I knew anything about what he called "the cheap version of the LunarGlide" is that what the LunarFlash is?
Parent - - By JGG [us] Date 2013-12-06 5:26 PM
No idea. Nike seems to be rather secretive/silent these days on their new offerings. The only new shoes with fanfare were the flyknit shoes. I heard nothing about their new trail shoes until they appeared on RRS. I want to try one of the two at some point this winter.
Parent - - By The Beard (is wearing Arm Panties) [us] Date 2013-12-12 11:50 AM
RW had the trail shoe (i think just the cheaper of the two) in their sale section recently.
Parent - By JGG [us] Date 2013-12-15 7:19 AM
Yeah, I saw that. The wildhorse which got RW's whatever award. That is the one I'm interested in. BTW I tried the new structure 17 the other day. The fit was fine, a little tight in the forefoot compared to the 16  but the forefoot was stiff as a board-absolutely no flex at all.
Parent - By ProGoRun [us] Date 2014-01-10 5:11 PM
I wouldn't say they're "silent" about it. They've released several Zooms last year.
Parent - - By jwd1113 Date 2014-01-03 8:04 AM
it's now on running warehouse

interesting looking shoe.. if i could still run relatively fast, i'd be very interested in it
Parent - By JGG [us] Date 2014-01-05 8:42 AM
There are a couple of good reviews of the zoom fly on Lets Run forum for what it is worth.
Parent - - By jwd1113 Date 2014-05-20 2:24 PM
it's on sale at RW

i looked at it when i was in Boston.  in the past, i would have been very interested in this shoe, but now, it's not quite enough shoe for me.
Parent - By JGG [us] Date 2014-05-26 8:02 AM
Thanks, jwd. I orderd a pair. I will let you know whether they have returned to the feel of the first fly. I'm hoping.
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