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Up Topic General / Shoes and Gear / Problem With Older But Unused Asics Kayano Shoes
- - By judyruns Date 2013-11-16 9:19 AM
I just broke out an older but unused pair of Asics Kayano 17 shoes. Both the other same models, etc. of shoes have been perfect for running, inside or outside. This last pair is awful for running. My feet normally roll comfortably in the other two pairs. This third pair of shoes causes my footfall to go *ka-splat, ka-splat*, as if my feet don't bend at all. The right shoe is even worse than the left one.  I can walk in them, but not run. Since I no longer have the receipt and got them on sale, I'm not asking for new shoes. Rather, I just want some idea what is wrong with the *bad* pair. Obviously, I don't want this to happen again with new shoes when I buy them.
Thoughts? Thanks. :happy:
Parent - - By jwd1113 Date 2013-11-17 7:16 PM
how old are they and where were they stored?

anything that might have caused the mid-sole to harden/stiffen?
Parent - - By judyruns Date 2013-11-18 5:12 AM
They are 2 years old :blush: but were stored in the bedroom in their original box.
Parent - - By jwd1113 Date 2013-11-18 7:16 AM
i kept shoes for more than 2 years before using or re-using them... including the Kayano 13's (yep, i'm that far behind) that i'm using for long runs now

surprising there's that much of a problem.  i was thinking maybe they have been exposed to extreme temp or humidity changes....
Parent - By judyruns Date 2013-11-18 9:01 AM Edited 2013-11-18 9:28 AM
Wonder if it would have been better if they had been out and used a little. At least they are usable for walking. :roll:
Thanks for the info. :happy:
Up Topic General / Shoes and Gear / Problem With Older But Unused Asics Kayano Shoes

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