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- - By cowboyjunkie Date 2013-06-11 8:28 AM
guess i should post this over here :happy:

little race report. i ran the inaugural Cayuga Trails 50 in the finger lakes last weekend. even though i live close by, i had never been on some of the trails and through some of the gorges and it was stunning. and tough. lots of elevation(10k). some water crossings. one was thigh deep. a not too long shoe sucking mud section. some grassy meadow with purple and white phlox. roaring waterfalls and stone steps and pine cushioned trail and forest filled with bird song.

it was very humid with some misty, light rain at times. one of those wet blanket runs. it was an out and back affair that you did twice. i got off course for about 15 minutes early on :roll::laugh: (wasn't the only one tho : pbbt:) when i came to the top of a stair case that went down about 5,000 stairs, i decided i had missed a turn. i didn't want to go down all those stairs and then have to come back up :cry::laugh: the turn was well marked, but i was cruising a downhill and missed it.

coming in to the 25 mile turnaround i got lapped by the winner, Sage Canaday, who finished in under 7 hours. amazing. i needed to make the first loop in the 7 hour cutoff and was able to manage that. changed shoes and socks and headed back out, then headed back in to grab a head lamp just in case, then headed back out :roll:.

when i got to the turnaround at buttermilk falls on the second loop, the aid station was packed up and they were surprised to see me. did not know i was still out there. i had missed the cutoff there by 15 minutes i think. phone calls ensued and about 10 minutes later, i was given the go ahead to carry on.

i peeled out of there and shortly after hit a little low point. i felt forgotten and lame and embarrassed for being so slow. i felt bad i was keeping the remaining aid station people out there. i can climb pretty good, but steep downhills, or railroad tie stairs or steep stone steps..i pick my way through and am afraid of falling. and i wondered how the eff do i ever run 100 miles :wtf: anyway, the overall time limit for the race was 15 hours.

i mostly got over myself eventually. saw friends from the finger lakes running club at the last aid station 3 miles before the finish :happy:. i didn't have much time and the remaining part was all the stone steps through the gorge and then a nice gradual downhill finish on wide trails. i didn't want to look at my watch because i knew i was close. down, down, down the steps and the beautiful roaring waterfalls and shining stone everywhere and darkness falling.

finally the wide trial that seemed to go on forever and i looked at my watch and had about 4 minutes to make it. you come off the trail and can see the finish, but have to run away from it for a bit, then do a u turn and head toward it. i was going as fast as my muddy, old legs would go. it felt fast :laugh: and there were people yelling at the finish line :cry::laugh: and i made it just under the wire. thankyousweetbabyjesus! i won the sweeper award. a shirt that says "walk the line" on the front and "sweeper" on the back :cool:. a group of guys came up to me a little after and said how fun it was to see that finish and congratulated me :blush:

i'm grateful i made it too because the rd had enough faith in me to allow me to continue even though i had missed the last couple of cutoffs :hug: here is an rd who had drawn some big names to the race, had busted his butt clearing trail and doing everything else to make the race possible, but was on the phone asking how i felt, and then letting me continue on and was at the finish line. thanks Ian :hug: this is a really beautiful race and i highly recommend it.
Parent - - By Xtreme Taper Date 2013-06-11 12:02 PM
The course sounds beautiful but rather hard. Is that run by the same Ian that does Virgil Crest? He seems to find pleasure in providing rough hilly courses.

I was talking to someone at the pasta dinner at LH who knew she was going to battle the cutoff. I really had a lot of respect for her, and you of course as well. Having to race one of these things with the cutoff looming seems so mentally draining. I'm not sure how you all do it. That's really cool that you held on and got in for an official time, and better yet that those folks were there to cheer you on. :hug:
Parent - By cowboyjunkie Date 2013-06-11 12:20 PM
thanks XT. it's a finish i will remember for a while. and yes, it's Ian. between Virgil Crest and now this, i am convinced he really likes to challenge runners! i saw Sage Canaday looking rough at one point and then read his post race interview where he talked about a fall he took in one of the creek crossings and how he thought about dropping.

i waited until the last minute to sign up because i didn't think i could make the cutoffs. then the course changed in the last week, my recovery from Buffalo was good and i thought it would be good training for vermont :cry:. it was hard, but i am glad i did it. :hug:
Parent - - By joerunner (100 mile stud) Date 2013-06-11 1:46 PM
Great perserverance CBJ!  Congrats on your finish!:happy:

Did you get to meet Yassine?  He's a super nice guy.
Parent - By cowboyjunkie Date 2013-06-11 2:01 PM
yeah, i had run into Yassine before he moved out west. he won the inaugural Virgil Crest 100 a few years back. it was his first 100 :cool: he is a really nice guy. i was wondering how hard he'd run since he has western states coming right up. he did good. hope he does well at states.
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