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Up Topic Training / Trail and Ultra Running / Destin 50
- - By jaybird44 [us] Date 2013-05-07 8:54 PM
Has anybody here run the Destin 50?  It looks like a fun ultra that could be rolled up nicely into a family vacation...
Parent - By toddlerasylum Date 2013-06-09 7:04 AM
yes i have run the 50k  .   I highly recommend it !!!   Great cause!  Awesome Aid stations , organized race and of course beautiful beaches!    The camber wasnt too nice to me but i knew with my  recurring ITB it was a crap shoot :(   . ..     My family came along and we stayed at the host hotel  and we all did the beach 5k the day before and then they hung out and met up with me along the course.  Love the race so much  Gonna do more strengthening exercises and try it again next year.
Parent - - By jennifer7 (100 mile studette) [us] Date 2013-06-27 1:45 PM
I have friends who have - running in the sand is tough, but they all enjoy it!
Parent - By jaybird44 [us] Date 2013-06-27 10:46 PM
Sand running would be a challenge, but it sounds like it would be a good way to get an ultra completed in the midst of a great family vacation site.

Thanks for the input!  I am definitely going to do some more research on this possibility...
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