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Up Topic General / Shoes and Gear / anyone tried Lunarglide 4 or Pegasus 29?
- - By jwd1113 Date 2012-10-09 8:03 AM Edited 2012-10-09 8:27 AM
since i've been scared away from trying the lunarfly 3, i'm thinking about these two...

the Peg comes in widths, so it may be wide enough for me..  had some Pegs back in 04 and 05 that worked well for me...

loved the LG 1, but didn't like the way the 2 or 3 fit my forefoot.  how is the fit on the 4?  from what i've read, it's supposed to be low volume/narrow, which doesn't bode well for me...
Parent - - By keithlong_nm (elite kenyan) [us] Date 2012-10-09 3:03 PM
just ran the Wineglass marathon in the Peg 29.  A bit heavier than I wanted, but got them free, so price was right.  I previously had a version of the Pegasus that I hated, I think it was version 4, they were stiff as a board and not comfortable at all, so I was reluctant to try the 29.  However, I have to say I like them.  Light(ish) shoe with a lot of cushion.  I have a narrow foot with a high arch and they fit me well, if you need a wide toe box though, these may not be the shoe you want.  Only have about 50 miles on them so can't comment on durability.  Good solid shoe, IMHO.

I have run in all the Lunar Glide versions except the 4.  I think I like it a little less each version, seems to fit tighter each time and not quite as much cushion as previous.  Maybe I am just tired of it :grin:.  I will probably try the 4 at some point.
Parent - By Bob Mayo Date 2012-10-16 9:54 AM
The current Pegasus is a fantastic shoe and virtually the only standard neutral shoe at $100 retail.
Parent - By Bob Mayo Date 2012-10-16 9:53 AM
The Lunarglide feels a bit firmer and definitely snugger than the previous models.  Snugger especially concerning vertical volume in the toe box.  I could feel the upper material on top of my toes and I don't have fat toes...:laugh:  I have a narrower than average foot and I like the room in standard fitting shoes.  I would consider the new Zoom Structure Triax as an alternative to the L.G.  Only about 10.5 oz for a men's size 10.
Parent - - By jwd1113 Date 2013-04-01 5:14 PM
picked up some Peg 29s - nice shoe.  reminds me of the Skylon circa 1994

will probably be my Boston shoe
Parent - By keithlong_nm (elite kenyan) [us] Date 2013-04-04 3:52 AM
Good choice.  I have used my Peg 29's for speedwork since last fall and really like them.  Cushion is holding up well and they are not stiff at all.  Almost 400 miles on them now, virtually all speed work...I will likely get some more soon.
Parent - - By orbitboy (I dont even have an appendage!) Date 2013-04-14 9:42 AM
I don't understand all the hate for the LunarFly3. My only complaint is lack of durability. The fit and ride are very similar to the previous iterations, in my experience. I saw the LF 4 yesterday, and it's only got a new upper.

I haven't run in the LunarGlide4 very much yet, but so far I love it. It seems like a shoe that would accommodate various widths with it's lacing system. At least compared to the LG 1-3.

I've tried on the Pegasus 29 and it felt great, but never ran in it. Thought about buying a pair, but chose the LunarEclipse2 Breathe instead, since I found a pair that were actually cheaper than the Peg 29.

I also liked the Zoom Elite 5 quite a lot, but apparently not enough to buy a second pair.
Parent - By jwd1113 Date 2013-11-08 7:34 AM
IMO the ride in the lunarfly 3 is nothing like the 1 or 2.  midsole feels completely different, much firmer
Parent - - By jwd1113 Date 2013-11-08 7:36 AM
picked up some lunarglide 4's at a Nike outlet last weekend for a great price.

ran in them today - love them!!

skipping the first set of eyelets allows them to be wide enough for me and i love the feel under foot

will likely pick up some more pairs of these, since the prices are good as the LG 5 is out
Parent - - By keithlong_nm (elite kenyan) [us] Date 2013-11-08 4:12 PM
That is good to hear, I need some new shoes maybe I will get the 4.

On my 3rd pair now of Peg 29 and still like them a lot.  The are really soft which I like yet I have easily gotten 400+ miles out of the previous 2 pairs.  And they are cheap enough.
Got some Brooks Ghost 5 on liquidation from Running Warehouse that I also like for distance runs.  Had the Ghost 3 a couple years ago, but like the 5 better, more cushion.

You and I are keeping the shoe forum alive!!! :grin:
Parent - - By jwd1113 Date 2013-11-09 8:54 AM
did your Pegs fit with your normal size?

i had to go up a half size in the Peg and the LG
Parent - By JGG [us] Date 2013-11-09 1:29 PM
Any word on the new structure and whether it is the same as the 16? I tried the 16 and the forefoot was too stiff. Maybe I should look at the lunarglide 4 or 5. Good to see no Chinese spam here now. 
Parent - By keithlong_nm (elite kenyan) [us] Date 2013-11-10 7:10 AM
They fit really well in a size 9.  I go back and forth between 8.5 and 9, depending on the shoe.  All of the lunar models I have tried need to be at least a 9 though.
Parent - - By darbycrash Date 2013-11-18 3:16 PM
My peg 29s just turned 400 and still feel great. I love them.
Parent - By orbitboy (I dont even have an appendage!) Date 2013-11-20 11:58 AM
I saw a pair of Peg 29s at Nordstrom Rack last week for $50. Almost pulled the trigger, but wimped out.
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