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- - By Xtreme Taper Date 2012-10-04 12:23 PM
or, the stupid ultrarunner visits the chiro/ART dude....

Receptionist: Nice to see you again!!

Me: No offense, but seeing me again means I have an issue, so sorry if I don't quite agree.

Receptionist: The doc will see you in a minute. First I need to get your weight and vitals. New computer system you know.

Me: Ok. I'll have a butterscotch candy if you don't mind.

(pause in waiting room while I browse Newsweek and wait my turn)

Doc: Good to see you again. How are you doing?

Me: Well, I'm here you know, so I've been better. (symptoms/pain explained)

Doc: Does it hurt when I do this, this, that, and the other.

Me: No. No. No. Yes the other hurts. That little joint right below the knee on the lateral side. It's where things sort of started. The medial side too but not as bad.

Doc: Ok, roll over. Let me feel behind the knee. Poke, dig, pry, ouch.

Me: Yes, that hurts too. It's really stiff back there.

Doc: It looks to be your poplitial tendon and muscle this time.

Me: Hey, that's a new one. I don't think I've had that one yet. Working my through them all it seems as of late.

Doc: When did your symptoms start?

Me: It just sort of came on you know.

Doc: Well, when?

Me: A few weeks ago. Not the pain behind the knee but some aches around the joint. I did run a 12 hour 4 weeks ago, took a rest week, had some pain after that, backed off for a few days. Things seemed to be getting better and I had a nice 13 miler on Sunday. Gorgeous day. Went out last night and had pain behind the leg 2+ miles out. Sort of had to walk/shuffle it back to the car.

Doc: Rolls eyes a bit.

(Prying, digging, some pain ensues as the area is worked and I try to engage in idle chit chat.)

Doc: Ok, how about coming in again this Friday. I'll get Jake to apply some estim before you leave.

Me: Sure, sounds good. Do you think this will take a long time to get better? I was thinking about a 50k this month.

Doc: Well, it depends. You need some rest you know and 13 miles runs don't actually qualify as recovery.

(guilty as charged, exit to PT room to see Jake the provider of the eStim)

Jake: Hey, nice to see you again.. how are you doing..

Me: Well...  :roll:
Parent - By cowboyjunkie Date 2012-10-10 7:19 AM
:hug: grrrrr.. hope you're more better soon.
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