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- - By apigsaysoink [us] Date 2006-07-07 7:56 PM
I have been running off road a bit lately and I was wondering what trail shoes would do for me.  I assume they are more helpful in the mud than my Brooks Radius.  Do you worry about ticks when you are running on trails in the woods?
Parent - By soundandfury (100 mile stud) Date 2006-07-08 12:03 AM
Yeah, they'd give you a bit more traction in the mud. Many models come with soles with big chunky tread.

If you have ticks in your area, you should inspect your entire body after the run. I've pulled a few off my legs when we've paused for one reason or another.
Parent - - By miniscraper Date 2006-07-08 10:34 AM
I think they do - the stiffer soles protect your feet from rocks, but what I think I've noticed the most is that they're cut higher and I feel like that gives me more ankle stability.  The ankle thing could be mental, but it works for me ;)

As far as ticks, I usually wear light-colored socks (so I can see things around my ankles) and bug repellant...and like S&F said, check yourself often.
Parent - By apigsaysoink [us] Date 2006-07-09 12:03 PM
I am prone to ankle twisting so maybe the higher shoe would help.
Parent - By Doug94526 [us] Date 2006-07-08 4:28 PM
The deeper tread helps out on loose soil too.  Especially going downhill which I think is the most dangerous.  Checking for ticks, especially if you are on single track (vs. fire road) trials is a must.

Enjoy the peace and quiet on the trails while you keep your eyes on the trail ahead to avoid rocks, roots, etc.

Parent - - By joerunner (100 mile stud) Date 2006-07-08 4:44 PM
The ticks are easy to find once they have become grossly ingorged with your blood.:evil:
Parent - - By apigsaysoink [us] Date 2006-07-09 12:02 PM
I was hoping to avoid that part of it.
Parent - - By joerunner (100 mile stud) Date 2006-07-09 8:16 PM
I have had to remove a few from my dog but I have never had one dig into my flesh, usually catch them while they are still roaming around.
Parent - - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2006-07-09 8:44 PM
eeww :cry:
Parent - By joerunner (100 mile stud) Date 2006-07-10 12:44 AM
eewwww is right, I had ticks.  It got so bad that I rebuilt all the clocks in my house so now you only hear tock tock.:grin:
Parent - By Vito Date 2006-07-12 3:15 PM
I think they make a difference, particularly with protection from stone bruises. Also, the extra traction helps out a bit as well.
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