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Up Topic Training / Triathlons / 7/7/06 Fri Tri dailies
- - By Photocat [us] Date 2006-07-07 1:32 PM
Ok, so turns out I tore my meniscus worse last night. I just got back from the doc who wonderfully gave me a cortisone shot. I may have to go for an MRI if the pain isn't gone by Tues or so. So guess what! REST DAY! Ya think!:cry::mischief: Oh well. I'll go see a movie. Most likely I am now out for the tri in august but I'm waiting till next week to make that call.

What about the rest of you!
Parent - By n3103f Date 2006-07-07 2:26 PM
Sorry to hear about the meniscus.  I hope it heals fast (or that the diagnosis wasn't correct.)

6.1 mile run (and one game of basketball) today.  I really do need to wear a Garmin at some point to see just how many miles I put in when I play basketball.  I'll swim later.

I have signed up for an MS 150 next weekend, so that'll take me a little farther up the road for the bike.  We've never done one the MS rides - it should be interesting.
Up Topic Training / Triathlons / 7/7/06 Fri Tri dailies

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