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Up Topic Training / Trail and Ultra Running / Things I'm learning for my first ultra
- - By jaybird44 [us] Date 2012-07-13 10:04 PM
As my training proceeds for a 12-hour event September 2nd in suburban St. Louis, lessons that I have read about are now beginning to be implemented.

Last weekend in Baltimore (I was there for a friend's wedding), I realized that if I run/walk 5 miles, I will get more out of that session than running 2-3 miles before the thermostat goes too high.  Likewise, 2 days later, I was able to run/walk for 2 hours--when I wouldn't have lasted that long if I had focused solely on running.

An hour-long boot camp experience sandwiched between those workouts painfully made me realize that I need to do core strengthening, to avoid too much of a forward lean when I begin to get tired.

I'm hydrating more away from the roads, starting to compile a list of items needed for the event, and it's nice to focus just on time rather than specific miles. 
Parent - - By Arimathea [us] Date 2012-07-26 1:06 PM
12 hours in that heat? I bow down.
Parent - By jaybird44 [us] Date 2012-07-26 10:28 PM
Hopefully the temperatures are not in the triple digits for that event...I can tolerate highs up to the mid 90s, and have done well acclimating to that heat with runs of up to an hour and a half (run-walks, actually).  But, as my long runs get longer, I need to do some of those inside to get some high-quality training under my belt.  Today, for example, I ran on an indoor track (probably 12 laps to a mile) and covered 156 laps--13 miles--in 3 hours and 3 minutes.  No way could I have attained that running outdoors today in the St. Louis area.

I plan on still doing shorter runs in the heat (at night usually, when the temperature drops to 90 around 11 p.m.).  But, I felt the need to get a very good effort completed without slogging or wobbling aimlessly in the oven.
Up Topic Training / Trail and Ultra Running / Things I'm learning for my first ultra

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