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- - By Cookie Monster [us] Date 2012-05-14 6:34 PM
   The TA weekend started off really cool, I got to pick brneydrnnr (Laura) up at the ATLport. She and I had a wonderful time talking for 3 hours in traffic on the way to Summerville. Got to see jasz, ot,  Woodstock(and fam), R4P(and fam), and THG(and little THG) at the pasta dinner.
Got to the cabin and started REALLY second guessing my choice of the "FOOL" marathon this year....Oh Lord!!! 2 trips up Becky's Bluff!!!! At mile 10ish AND 23ish!!!! Holy SH*T, fear of failure starts setting in..... txredd and hubby Bill arrived late, we talked for a while, and I went to bed.
   I woke up at 4:40 and just laid there in bed and stared at the ceiling until 7....Who am I kidding!! 2 trips up Becky's Bluff??? And what the hell is a "fire break"?
   Got to the start and hung out with all my TA forum friends, and chatted with others and just figured I would run and walk 'til I couldn't run...then just walk to the bridge. Blue/Red/Blue/Red is all I need to remember RIGHT? Race started.... Blue1: It's funny that you hear so many people talking and laughing going around the lake after the start, gets kinda quiet about the time you get to the damn. The new course was awesome, really liked going around the back side of the lake, I got to the "fire break" and there were several steep up and down hill parts on it with dry creek beds and a new TA water crossing (I don't care jasz, I jumped over water it counts in my story!)When I came out of the woods onto the road, THG was there and I gave her a big hug. Started Red1: I knew this involved THE bluff. I tried to run a very conservative race, walk the uphills and run the small inclines and down hills. When I was returning from the out and back, there was THG again, another big hug and told her it was AWESOME again I got to the bluff, and headed up. It was everything I expected @ mile 9-10ish, I tried to push thru and not stop during the first trip up, cause I expected I would be dying the next time. Got to the top and woodstock (Joe Dirt) got a sweaty hug from me. I tried to make up some time on the down hill, without hurting myself. Got to the bottom, ran more of the park I had never seen, crossed over a little bridge and headed to the Rangers office. It was VERY tough to look at that finish line and know I was only half way LOL...
   Blue2: I had a little knee pain at this point, but felt strong. I had been taking on food at every stop that had some, PB&J's, gummys, pretzels, drinking a lot. I had a couple new friends running with me now, and I was talking a lot and enjoying the beautiful....trails. I kept walking the up hills, trying to be smart about facing THE BLUFF again. I came out of the trail and THG was there again (WTH,she must have covered more miles than me!!), and she ran with me for the first time ever :D :*   I felt really good at the end of Blue2, just had that nagging knee pain. Red2: At this point I am WAY ahead of last years time, but I didn't want to think like that... I wanted to finish with a smile, no matter what the time. I kept doing what was working, walk the ups and run the flat/downs, it had worked so far. The walking up hills was feeling better than running at this point, my knees really hurt when I ran. I got to the Bluff for the second time, and now...I wasn't going to let it get me, I was too damn close to the finish. I took the lead up for my group, we got about half way, and we took a small break... to turn around and look at a the beautiful scenery.... Then on up we went. Got to the top and introduced woodstock to all my new friends.
   IT IS ALL DOWN HILL FROM HERE..... I was so stoked about getting to the top of Becky's Bluff for the second time!!! I was dreading all the down hill coming up though, my knees were killing me. I told my new friends they might need to go on without me on the down hills, because I didn't think I could run them. They said we were a team, and made me take the lead...... WELL, I couldn't let them down now could I?? After all, it's less than 3 miles, MAN UP COOKIE MONSTER!!! or forever be known as cookie crumb.... Well, my 3 new friends and I finished the last 3 miles strong. I was so freakin' proud. Not only did I push thru the pain, and take Becky's Bluff TWICE... I PR'd TA marathon by 36 minutes!!!!!!

"THE" Cookie Monster 
2013 TA volunteer
Parent - By trailheadgirl [us] Date 2012-05-14 7:46 PM
Very nice, very ran a stellar race!!
SO glad you were able to come, and you DO
realize that if Rick can make it, y'all have to
RUN, not volunteer!  Will you put this on fb,
on the link for race reports? 
Parent - By Tim [us] Date 2012-05-15 7:21 AM
Woo-hoo!  Two years in a row of the FOOL, including this year's double-dip of the Bluff, definitely qualifies you to be a volunteer next year without feeling like a slacker.  Congrats!
Parent - By sunshine (bisexual philanderess) [us] Date 2012-05-15 7:31 AM
That sounds so incredibly hard. :cry::laugh: And you PR'd!! :shocker!::cool: Way to go, and hope to see you next year.
Parent - - By jaszflamus (I like wool!) Date 2012-05-15 3:23 PM
You not only PR'd big my friend, but on a tougher course.:cool: You had one fucking awesome run! And really nice report of the race and stuff around it (except for the fictional water crossing: pbbt:)

Major congrats again dude, and I can't wait to see you next year if not before!:grin::hug: (and you know as well as me that we'll be running rather than volunteering:wink:)
Parent - - By old turtle Date 2012-05-15 8:03 PM
Thre was water. We went across it. We did not go through it but we crossed (over) it. Hence a water crossing. : pbbt:
Parent - - By run4pancakes [us] Date 2012-05-15 9:07 PM
Ah, the water crossing joins the ranks of the mythical armadillo! :laugh:  For the record, the armadillo was real and the little stream was, too.
Parent - By jaszflamus (I like wool!) Date 2012-05-15 9:48 PM
For the record, neither was.: pbbt:
Parent - - By jaszflamus (I like wool!) Date 2012-05-15 9:49 PM
Hmmm....put that in the context of a report, please.:wtf:
Parent - By sunshine (bisexual philanderess) [us] Date 2012-05-16 9:12 AM
no kidding!
Parent - - By jennifer7 (100 mile studette) [us] Date 2012-05-17 11:05 AM
I'm looking at the pics and one of your new friends is my very good friend Molly!

Congratulations!! :D
Parent - - By Cookie Monster [us] Date 2012-05-17 5:33 PM
I know Jenn!!!!
How freakin' awesome is that!!
She is the one that made me take the lead on the way down to the finish. We had a great race, and a great time talking.
I invited her to the forum, I hope she joins us here.
Wish you could have been there this year, but I know you had a lot going on.
If I do a marathon out there, can I shack up with you guys for the weekend???
Parent - By jennifer7 (100 mile studette) [us] Date 2012-05-22 9:05 AM
duh!  of course!
Parent - By IB Date 2012-05-18 5:58 PM
Dude that is really awesome! Congratulations on the TA PR!!
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