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- - By jaszflamus (I like wool!) Date 2012-04-28 1:39 PM
Apologies to ft for leeching off her notice over on L&O sending peeps here, but I do need this info for our program. You'll all get a copy of the program for your use and enjoyment but NO non-TAers will get your info. They don't deserve it or the FUN they'll miss, ya know.:wink:

PM, or email to me at jasz at Even though I know most of your stuff already, IT'S IMPORTANT TO DO THIS, because it tells me that you're ok with the info going in the program and there might be updated things I'd otherwise miss. These are the things I need for the program:

"Real" first name:
S.O./kids'/friends' first names who will be there:
Cell number:
When arriving:
When leaving:
Where staying:
What doing (full, half, volunteer, other):
Shoes you'll be wearing:

See, that's easy.:grin:

Thanks, love, hugs and kisses--jasz:hug:
Parent - By old turtle Date 2012-04-28 3:19 PM
Thanks for doing this jasz. Oops - almost put the info here.
Parent - - By txredd (Redd Hawt!) [us] Date 2012-04-29 8:33 AM
Same as last year plus txhubby is doing the half.  He has his eye on some lightweight hikers.  I may get some too.
Oh - Cabin 4. :hug:
Parent - By jaszflamus (I like wool!) Date 2012-04-29 4:01 PM
WooHoo so cool he's doing the half!:grin:
Up Topic Communities / Twisted Ankle / Give me your PROGRAM INFO NOW PLEASE!

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