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- - By jaybird44 [us] Date 2012-04-12 11:00 PM
I have taken the leap and registered for my first ultra:  the Flatlanders 12-hour run in suburban St. Louis.  Race day is September 2nd from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. 

I have devised a possible training schedule, fashioned after the 22-week schedule found in the Lore of Running book.  It is billed as a novice program in the ultramarathoning section.

Mondays:  0-5 miles
Tuesdays: 5-8 miles
Wednesdays:  0-3 miles
Thursdays:  6-10 miles
Fridays:  7-13 miles
Saturdays: off
Sundays (long runs):  10-30 miles

The long runs alternate between heavy amounts of 20+ miles and 10 miles, beginning with Week 7 and peaking at Week 17, before the taper. The weekly mileage peaks at 55-60 miles, but I might be able to bump that up a bit if I feel up to it.  I am also considering the rather common practice of running back-to-back long runs to prep the legs for lengthy fatigue.

I had to reduce the mileage a bit, since I won't be at 29-30 mile range when the schedule begins (I will be between 23-26 miles).  The schedule does have a time component that is suggested if it is shorter than the scheduled miles--for example, it recommends that you should have a long run no longer than 6 hours--so that might put a runner at 30 miles instead of 36 for that effort.

My two most-recent marathons have been 6 hours and change for each.  I have walked 12-hour stints 3 times for Relay for Life fundraisers, but those were between 20 and 22 miles in length.

The goal is to log between 27-50 miles.  50 might be very wishful thinking, but I'd like to get to 40.  The event will be run on a paved park road of 1.4-mile loops.  Heat will probably be an issue, since the run is from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Any comments or suggestions?
Parent - - By cowboyjunkie Date 2012-04-13 12:04 PM
besides running, are you doing any other training (core work for example)?

nutrition. for your 12 walk, what did you do? if the intensity is more for your run, you might want to experiment with what you might need for a higher intensity level.

while this article speaks to the 100 mile distance, i think there are good, universal points about ultra "training." we are all an experiment of one. have fun exploring and finding what works for YOU. :happy:

good luck!!!
Parent - By jaybird44 [us] Date 2012-04-13 9:03 PM
Core work has crossed my mind, but I have not incorporated any of it yet into my training.  I do need it--abs and back both could use some shoring up.  Any suggested regimens that work for you?  I will look into when the neighborhood clubhouse is open--it has some Universal weight machines, a few dumbbells, and other assorted items.  I have some push-up handles that need to be dusted off, too.

For my prior 12-hour walks, I can't remember doing much regarding nutrition...I think I had some PowerBars and Gatorade, and I purchased a hamburger or two to eat.  At the end of them, my quads felt like they were put through a shredder, but that was when I was doing very little running at all, and about 20-30 extra pounds ago.  The race organizers will provide water, sports drink, bananas, pretzels, chips, and cookies...and I was thinking about making several PBJs, Rice Krispie treats, and some salted boiled potatoes as supplemental items.  I have even thought about bringing a jar of dill pickles and putting small amounts of pickle juice into some Gatorade if the weather becomes hot (quite possible for St. Louis on September 2nd, the day of the race).  I sweat quite a bit and lose a lot of minerals (on a 9-mile run yesterday in cool conditions, I still had the tell-tale white salt-like residue on my singlet and on the sides of my face), so I will experiment this spring and summer with that concoction to see if that helps keep the electrolytes in balance.

I will also have to think about how often to walk...the event is run on 1.4-mile paved loops.  It begins at 7:30 a.m., and I was considering walking one loop every hour while the temperatures would be at their coolest--say, for the first 2-3 hours of the ultra.  Right now, I'm running 12-minute miles at a relaxed pace, so that would mean a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio of jog loops to walk loops to start.  Then, I could start reducing the ratio to 3 jog/2 walk loops or 1 jog/1 walk according to how I feel later in the day.

I will read the article that you cited--I am eagerly reading about this ultra world and gleaning all that I can from the books and articles I come across.  It is kind of scary to think about participating in a 12-hour event, but after running 6 marathons, I'm itching to do something different.  That is making the preparation fun!
Parent - By joerunner (100 mile stud) Date 2012-05-09 9:11 AM
Drink lots of pickle juice.:cool:
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