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- - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2012-04-04 9:14 AM Edited 2012-04-04 9:43 AM
Went with my preggo coworker/friend Katie to hang with her family in NC and SC this past weekend. This was my first time to the South and it was a ton of fun!


- wake up at 3:30 am to drive to Buffalo for an 8:00 am flight to Charlotte
- arrive, meet Katie's dad, drop off bags at her house (which is beautiful), change into sun dresses and sandals (while it snows and hails in Toronto! HA!), go for lunch at 31 Main I think it was called? Delicious veggie burger, kale salad and quinoa salad:cool:
- Hang in the back yard with Katie's mom (who is beautiful)... they have lizards back there! So cute!
- Meet Katie's sister and the 4 of us gals head to Target where I spend over $200 on dresses, shorts, tanks and other stuff. :blush:
- Head home, hang in the yard, go to the Y where Katie used to manage the fitness centre, meet some of her friends including her awesome BFF, go to Dick's (which sucks), get pizza, head home and each eat an entire pizza and fall asleep on the couch


- I wake up early for a 9 mile run. Lots of inch worms!
- Head to the Island of Palms with Katie's sister, her son (Katie's nephew), me and Katie. took close to 6 hours because of the traffic. Anyway we got to the gorgeous beach house, went grocery shopping, had dinner (spaghetti for me, sausage lasagna for everyone else) and just vegged there all evening. Beautiful house and I got to spend lots of time chatting with Katie's parents, who are super lovely people :x. Her brother and his wife and kids got there after I went to bed at 11:00.


- Everyone up early for the Cooper River Bridge Run! Katie's brother drove us and dropped us off at Corral M (where they were all starting - they walked it) and I walked up to Corral D. the race was supposed to start at 8:00 am but they were horribly unprepared for the 44,000 runners and walkers. Apparently the shuttle buses to the start line were running way behind/couldn't handle the volume so the race started close to an hour late! the worst part for the crowd was that they kept announcing they would start any minute so we were constantly on guard to begin. It got to the point where every 5 minutes or so they would say "We're at the 30 second countdown" and the crowd would boo. Terrible. :| ALSO I had just gotten my period the night before and was crampy and bleeding kind of a lot (sorry for the TMI but such is the reality of being a woman... also probably nobody is even reading this so haha fuck you :D) Race itself was super fun, dodged walkers the whole way, ran up a big bridge then back down again then thru Charleston. Finished in 55:xx then walked back a couple miles to meet up with Katie and her family then re-walk those last couple miles again. Another shit thing about this race was that there was nowhere to find water at the end of the race. Oh well.
- Shuttled back to where Katie's brother had dropped us off and met him to drive us home. I took a badly needed shower (had bled thru my shorts a bit:cry:) and we all hung out and drank all afternoon. Katie's brother cooked a giant, delicious dinner and we watched Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


- Wake up early to run by ocean... hundreds of washed up dead jellyfish to avoid. Yuck!
- Beach all day, charleston for dinner and drinks. Saw the slave market, which was incredibly cool and creepy. Had the best day. Drank all night with the family. So much fun. :x


- Wake up early again for a short last run by the ocean. Still lots of gross jellyfish bodies. :cry:
- Travel ALL FUCKING DAY. Leave at 9:30 am, drive back 3.5 hours to NC, say goodbye to everyone, drive to airport, fly to buffalo, shuttle to greyhound bus depot, wait there for 3 hours, bus ride home to Toronto for 3 hours, cab ride home. Arrive at 1:00 am and collapse into bed.

I miss those fuckers so much already :cry:
Parent - - By brneydrnnr (barney cougar) [us] Date 2012-04-04 9:44 AM
That sounds like such a fun weekend - except for Monday- that much waiting/traveling sucks!
And I read the whole thing and I don't mind your TMI : pbbt:
Parent - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2012-04-04 9:49 AM
:laugh: Wow I'm impressed. Thanks for reading! :D It really was super fun. :)
Parent - - By triplejake (The Vampire Lestat) [us] Date 2012-04-04 9:50 AM
Sounds fun except for the shitty race and travel unpleasantness.  :grin:  Yay, Dixie Brookie! :hug:
Parent - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2012-04-04 9:52 AM
I suppose bigger is not always better in terms of 10k race participant numbers :O who would have thunk it? :p

thanks for reading TJ! Your land of the South is a really neat and pretty place. :) :x
Parent - - By squirrelgirl (Indian Buffet Queen) Date 2012-04-04 2:43 PM
Isn't the south wonderful? :grin: I miss it. And lizards! Sasha loved eating them and just leaving the tails on the floor. :cry:

And wtf, almost every time I've raced I get my period the day before. That totally blows. :mutmad:

Glad you had such a nice time. :hug:
Parent - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2012-04-04 3:55 PM
Haha thanks for reading :) Yeah it's pretty great from what I saw. :x
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