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Up Topic General / Nutrition / B12 supplements?
- - By nicolet Date 2011-12-04 3:21 PM
Does anyone take B12 supplements? If so, what brand?  I'm trying to find some without sugar alcohols (sorbitol, mannitol, etc) b/c I can't tolerate those, but I have yet to find any. 
Parent - - By Ursel13 Date 2011-12-05 6:54 AM
Do you have a store in your area that specializes in organic/vegan/old school hippy stuff? Those places have tend to have strict standards about the addictives in their vitamins. If it exist they'd be most likely to stock it.
Parent - By nicolet Date 2011-12-06 2:50 PM
Even at the natural food store all but two had sorbitol or mannitol :roll: So, I ended up settling for one with no sugar alcohols, but it does have some lactose. 
Up Topic General / Nutrition / B12 supplements?

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