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- By Oog Date 2011-11-29 10:50 AM
Had a strange dream involving a forumite.

I was in a parking lot waiting to start the work day. I notice one of my female co-workers and another person. They called me over and it appeared they were admiring my co-woker's waxing job. They asked me what I thought of it I looked down and it was a good waxing job and I commented on it as much.

then my coworker just lowered her skirt and sat on a blanket in the parking lot. 

We were sitting around chatting when I saw DangerousDan with what appeared to be a big lizard. It was about the size of a German Shepard. She told us that she was watching the lizard for her brother and he was supposed to meet her in this parking lot to pick up the lizard.  She said she'd kill the time talking to us. So we talked about running, lawyering, etc. The lizard kept getting quite playful and was biting my arm, much the way a puppy does. I kept shooing him away, but he kept coming back.
then DD's brother showed up to pick up his lizard. he grabbed the lease and continued the conversation. But that damn lizard kept biting my arm. the focus of the conversation turned toward that.  He was talking about how the lizard is like a big puppy an it was just being playful. DD thought it was funny and was just giggling. I kept asking him about the dangers of the biting, etc.
Up Topic General / Blogs / odd dreams

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