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Up Topic General / Nutrition / Spam the what ?
- - By JimGo1 Date 2011-11-28 8:07 PM
A mystery meat but something we ate as a poorer family.   It came in a tin can with a roller and I used to cut the crap out of my hand on that thing once in a while.   Any how, my Mom would make fried potato and spam cubes.   Not sure where this is going but Spam can help you through the tough times.   We had it maybe once a week.    I don't like spam anymore - the internet kind  or the mystery meat stuff.   Its nice to know its there if you need it though.   What did you eat as a kid that you never eat now ?
Parent - By dangerousdan (bear terrorist) [us] Date 2011-11-28 8:57 PM
fried bologna on white bread with mayo :drool:
Parent - - By run4pancakes [us] Date 2011-11-29 7:09 PM
Van Camp's pork and beans.  :shudder:
Parent - - By JimGo1 Date 2011-11-30 7:36 AM
:laugh:  They always add a bonus piece of pork fat in it too !
Parent - By run4pancakes [us] Date 2011-11-30 7:38 AM
That stuff is so gross.  I like homemade baked beans, or even Bush's, but won't eat those VC ones.  Gross!
Parent - By Ursel13 Date 2011-12-05 7:31 AM
La Choy Chow Mein, it came in two cans taped together. The top can had some crunchy deep fried noodles. I don't even like the smell of it now.

"La Choy makes chinese food, Swing American"
Up Topic General / Nutrition / Spam the what ?

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