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- - By cookjw [us] Date 2006-07-05 11:16 PM
Ok so i jsut got a new pair of shoes and sofar i have ran twice in them and each time i get done i end up with a hotspot on the inside of my foot.  is this caused from them not being broke in poperly?  And is there anything i can  do to fix the problem?
Parent - By Jeri Brown [us] Date 2006-07-06 10:40 AM
If this is in the forefoot it is most often caused by them being too narrow or too tight. Try and loosen the laces and see if it helps. Also wear the most thin socks you have
Parent - By jamiedpt (Shoe Pimp) [us] Date 2006-07-06 6:51 PM
doubt it is from not breaking in, if it fits well it shouldnt need "breaking in"

can try blistershield roll on or powder, or other lubricants (I expect tesco or skylon to jump in since I said "lubricant") LOL

I got in samples of a cool new product called engo for reducing hotspots
Parent - By neustkg (Important) Date 2006-07-08 10:57 PM
I tend to get hot spots w/new shoes.  My problem area is on the back of my right heel.  It has a bony bump that I have to tape for most of my runs or it will blister after maybe 3 miles or so.  After a while, a small hole is worn into the heel and I can usually stop using tape. 

I used to have problems w/my arches, too (I used to tape my arches for about 100 miles until the shoe was broken in), but I found that if I wear either a pair of Wright double layer socks, or two very thin socks, this takes care of it.  If you have to use tape, use the Johnson & Johnson adhesive tape.  It works well, and is very cheap.
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