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- - By Flutopia [us] Date 2006-07-05 6:04 PM
Is anyone running the Red Dress Run for Women in Hartford this Saturday?
Parent - - By moonglow9 Date 2006-07-05 6:24 PM
I might be doing it.  Not sure yet, 1) if there is still room to sign up; and 2) if I'll be free - that is, not traveling for work to Boston....
Hope to make it though- great event.  Are you going?
Parent - By Flutopia [us] Date 2006-07-05 6:40 PM Edited 2006-07-05 6:43 PM
Yep, I'll be there!

They're doing in person registration Fri. afternoon and Sat. AM, so I don't think they anticipate selling out.

I'd love to meet up if you go. :laugh:
Parent - - By cdocrun Date 2006-07-05 6:26 PM
sadly, i am the cdoc this weekend (the cranky doctor on call)- so will be attached to my beeper and my office :cry:
Parent - By Flutopia [us] Date 2006-07-05 6:41 PM
Oh, boo! :cry:
Maybe next time.

Hope work isn't too busy.
Parent - By Roscoe [us] Date 2006-07-05 7:00 PM
oh, we are day tripping to Port Jeff that day, wish I could have come cheered you on:cry:
Parent - - By secretgarden Date 2006-07-05 8:14 PM
Is that a 5K?  Sounds fun, but I may be going to Lawng-Island!
Parent - - By Flutopia [us] Date 2006-07-05 8:16 PM
Yes, it's a 5K, for women only. Strawberry shortcake after the race:hug:, and a women's expo. Sounds like it'll be fun!
Parent - - By secretgarden Date 2006-07-06 8:49 PM
Are you up in Hartford?
STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE??!!!  Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm
OK, now I'm officially jealous.  All the races I've done have only had oranges, bananas, and IF I'M LUCKY, donuts.
Actually, I think the Iron Horse also had some kind of Italian Ice.  But I missed that.  I was too busy looking for something to drink!
Parent - - By Flutopia [us] Date 2006-07-06 10:37 PM
Yes, I'm in Vernon. Where are you?
Parent - - By secretgarden Date 2006-07-07 8:27 AM
I've been ALL OVER connecticut!

Grew up in Wilton
Took a little detour in the midwest and midatlantic for college and work
Ended up with a job back in Hartford area -- lived in Glastonbury, then in Simsbury
Got a job back in NYC; bought a house in Norwalk, then sold it and bought a house in Wilton (where I swear I will spend the rest of my life because moving s*cks!!!).

Funny how you end up back where you started!  I spent ALL of my teenage years trying to get OUT of Wilton, only to now end up BACK in Wilton.  My DH says I'm provincial to have come back to the town I grew up in.  But I love it -- charming little town center, quiet town and great schools.  Now I understand the appeal that my folks had when they moved in!

But since I spent a good number of years in the Hartford area, I still have various connections there.  Plus I think it's absolutely beautiful!  Talcott Mountain is my favorite Connecticut detour!
Parent - By Flutopia [us] Date 2006-07-08 1:03 PM
I came to Hartford 16 years ago (!) to take a job. I started off living in Hartford, then moved to West Hartford, and now Vernon. I love it out here. I'm walking distance from a Rail Trail :hug:, have a nice yard, and am still only 15 miles from work.
Parent - By cdocrun Date 2006-07-07 3:45 AM
the ironhorse had the most delicious italian ice- i wish other races would have something like that- it was perfect post race (of course, by the time i got to the food area, most of the other stuff besides the bagels was gone).
Parent - - By Flutopia [us] Date 2006-07-08 1:13 PM
Hi Ladies, this race was fun! We had beautiful weather, low 70's and sunny.  It's a pretty course. The first loop is in the park, and it's partly shaded. It has a few hills, but nothing too exhausting. The race support was good, and the course ends up by the Rose Garden, which was in full bloom and just gorgeous. And there was strawberry shortcake, lots of it! I went back for seconds after everyone else had been served.

I was happy with my race. I ran my first mile at about the pace I wanted; in my last race I went out too fast and paid for it! I picked it up at mile 2, and had a little bit left to kick with at the end. Goal for my next race: have more speed at the end.
Parent - By moonglow9 Date 2006-07-08 1:18 PM
Well done on the race! Having that extra to kick to the finish is always a good sign.  The weather sounds perfect, and that's such a scenic area.  YUM on the strawberry shortcake :grin: I did that race last year and the post-race food is always the best. 
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