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- - By toddlerasylum Date 2011-01-14 4:32 PM
My RB and I are considering signing up for TA this year.   Last year we almost did it .  The end of May just wasnt doable?  So since the date changed hmmmmm But I really have no significant hills to train on nor any overpasses or bridges :(  Would stairs and  TM incline be enough to finish without dying? lol  What about downhill?
Any suggestions or advice on training? or just the race in general?  I just want to finish standing and with a smile
Trying to decide in the next week or so.
Parent - By run4pancakes [us] Date 2011-01-14 8:49 PM
It all depends upon your goals and expectations. I did the half in 2009 with zero training, thoroughly out of shape, and not quite recovered from some bad bronchitis. It was a loooong five hours, so that's not the path I recommend, but I didn't die.

Suggestions I've seen to replace hills in training: stair machine, lots of squats and lunges, incline on the treadmill, running bleachers, etc.

If you can at all come, you should. It's the most fun I've ever had at a race and a super supportive and awesome group of people!
Parent - By trailheadgirl [us] Date 2011-01-24 10:52 AM
Come on!  It's all about togetherness and fun... you'll be fine!
Parent - By elmtree Date 2011-01-24 10:54 AM
You won't die.  :hug:

I live in one of the flattest cities in the country (I think anyway), and I don't bother with hill training, or downhill training or trail training even, for that matter.  :blush:  Mind you, last year was the first year I did anything resembling decent training, and I was still slow as heck.  With actual training (but still no ups or downs or trails), this year should be interesting.  Though I have a road half the weekend before.  :laugh:
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