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Poll Help me decide!
Full 8 80%
Half 2 20%
- - By sunshine (bisexual philanderess) [us] Date 2010-12-30 1:57 PM
I'm planning a trip to the Grand Canyon in October of 2011 which makes me think maybe I should sign up for the full because the more experience I get on the trail at long distances, the better.

I have plenty of trails here at home to train on and I have a major bone to pick with my previous TA half PR and really want to bust it.

Help me decide. :grin:
Parent - - By elmtree Date 2010-12-30 2:11 PM
You said you have a major bone.  :laugh::mischief:
Parent - By sunshine (bisexual philanderess) [us] Date 2010-12-31 1:10 PM
He won't be running this year. :wink:: pbbt:
Parent - By old turtle Date 2011-01-01 9:53 PM
Full - I want company out there!
Up Topic Communities / Twisted Ankle / Decisions, decisions

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