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- - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-11-07 5:30 PM
this week schwing was in DC for a conference and I joined him there for the weekend:grin:  i got there late friday afternoon and he went out for a brisk run before dinner:cool:

voor diner, we went to a dim sum restaurant that schwing scoped out earlier in the week.  the food was really good, they had all kinds!  except you don't know what they look like until they get to your table:wtf:  in california, there are usually people pushing carts around the restaurant with all kinds of dim sum and you just pick out what you want:grin:  consequently, we ordered way too much food:laugh:

saturday we got up and ran at the national mall:cool:  it was pretty cold and windy.  there was a group there doing a walk for autism and they happened to be walking the opposite direction of me.  so it felt like i was running in a sea of people:laugh:

after that, we went to another chinese restaurant (schwing was staying in chinatown) and it was one of the bestest chinese restaurants we've ever been to.  the seafood fried rice was great.

sadly it was a short weekend and we had to get home:sad:  but it was still fun and schwing said he's starting to like big cities:shocker!:
Parent - - By adamswims (Gone Now Adam! You pick what you want.) Date 2010-11-08 2:45 PM
mmmm chinese food. :drool:
Parent - - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-11-08 5:00 PM
what's your favorite chinese dish?:grin:

mine always depends on the restaurant.  i usually like spicy seafood fried rice or eggplant with ground pork :cool:
Parent - By adamswims (Gone Now Adam! You pick what you want.) Date 2010-11-11 8:10 AM
i like spicy chicken dishes. :grin:
Parent - - By schwing [us] Date 2010-11-22 11:10 PM
that was a fun weekend :hug:and I'm glad I got rescued from the conference :mischief:
for some reason I really liked the DC chinatown was a lot of fun staying there, and it was so close to the national mall...I wish I would have run the mall every morning instead of just the weekend.
The negatives for me about the DC experience were that I think somebody was trying to pick pocket my suitcase on the escalator on the subway stop, and that some of the peeps on the street seemed like they were agressive on drugs or schizophrenic...
the cool stuff: the view in my room got a lot better on the weekend :evil:, the city felt a lot less stale than I expected and was kinda like NY in some ways, everyting was an easy walk and the subway was really easy, china town rocked cos there was lots of interesting places and people to  see, and the national mall was kinda amazing :x
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-11-23 5:13 AM
heyas schwing:hug::mischief::evil:

yeah I think it would have been great if you would have been able to run the national mall every day:cool:  I didn't know about the pickpocket:shocker!::laugh:

I did notice that DC is just like NY.  but I still like NY better: pbbt:
Up Topic General / Blogs / our DC trip adventure!

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