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- By newfmrs Date 2010-10-04 9:39 AM
I also posted this in Women's but figured I'd put it out here too.

Well I finally finished the season with a decent race!!!  Finished in 2:50.

Basically my tri season has sucked for various reasons.  I was never able to pull out even a single good bike or run let alone a combo.  I went slower in races compared to my training.  I was starting to worry my Garmin was lying to me.

So here are the distances in case you're wondering - 1500 m swim, 40K bike, 10K run. 

The swim sucked as always.  A smaller race (700 or so) compared to usual so the waves were smaller as well.  A tad choppy and I swallowed a big old gulp of water at the beginning and started to freak.  I finally pulled myself back together and got out of the water in just under 36 minutes.  I should state that is was cool on Sat and was around 60 when I was getting out of the water. 

Onto the bike.  I haven't biked much this year.  Maybe 20 times and mostly shorter (well all but one ride) than race distance.  I've been biking though in the 18s for nearly all rides including stop signs and red lights.  My feet were numb the entire time from the cool air and being wet.  I must say the race description seemed off to me.  THey claimed flat w/ a few rollers.  Well they must not know what FLAT really is since that's where I live.  No real stretch of flat - either up or down but at least no big hills.  People would pass me going up and I'd pass them back on the flatter or downhill sections.  It was 2 loops of the sprint course so I knew what I was heading into the second lap.  THe roads were a little rough at times too and the course was not closed which caused one little PITA while going up a hill and not being able to get around a car.  So I got off the bike in a little over 1:16.  Unless I can't calculate it right that turns out to be right about 19.4.  I've yet to see 19mph during a race.  I'm super happy about it.  It gives me hope that if I train harder on the bike I can probably get in the 20s.  I didn't like the LONG run down/up a steep, paved hill to get into transition with my bike.  I can't run in bike shoes .

I head out on the run and think well I likely blew myself up with that ride.  I didn't have my quickest run but finished in almost exactly 52 minutes.  It was 2 laps of the 5k for the sprint course.  I was pretty even the whole time and about pooped my pants when I saw 16:40 at mile marker 2.  I missed mile 1 and felt for sure I was only running 10 min miles.  My calves did cramp up initially and I should probably do some bricks.  I only did one brick this season other than my other 3 tris.  I can't tell you the number of people I blew by on the run.  I can/should be able to run the 10k faster but at least I didn't really slow at the end.

As usual, I sucked majorly in the swim.  For ladies I think 160/234.  The bike a little better - 77/234.  The run even better 46/234.  I finshed right at top third for my AG and a little better than that for overall ladies.  I mostly wanted to finish feeling like I pushed myself as hard as possible given my training.  I think I gave a pretty good, sustained effort.  I also confirmed a few things.  I do better when it's cooler.  I do better when I don't need to take in any real fuel (a little gatorade on bike and just a few sips of water on the run.)  I do better in a smaller race.  Next year I might get those fancy laces for my shoes.  Or ask for some wheels or something for a combo Christmas/birthday gift.  Private swimming lessons probably wouldn't hurt either .  Overall I was pretty slow in transition with it taking around 3:30 for each one.  I didn't stop to pee either so not sure what I'm doing. 

DH did the sprint the following day.  No stellar time for him BUT it was his very first OWS.  I thought he might bail on it but he hung in there and did far better in the swim than I expected.  I'm really proud of him for doing it and getting that first one out of the way since it was his first tri as well.
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