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- - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-09-22 8:16 PM Edited 2010-09-22 8:22 PM
this weekend we drove up to new york city:grin:  we had so much fun!  too bad we only had a short weekend so we'll definitely have to go back and do more touristy stuff.

here's a rundown of what we did:
-drove up there after work on friday, took the 18-mile bridge/tunnel which was kinda neat because you go over and under the ocean:grin:
-so many tolls:cry:  i think we hit like 6-7 tolls and paid a total of $29:shocker!:  and then before you hit lincoln tunnel, it seems like they made us do one extra loop just to pay another toll:mutmad:
-the hotel was really nice and it was in a great area:grin:  i got it thru priceline and i couldn't believe a 4-star hotel took my low bid:laugh:
-saturday we got up early, relaxed a little bit at starbux and went to this place to pick up my wedding dress:shocker!::cool:
-the lady helping me said, "oh don't worry, lose 2-3 pounds and you'll fit in that dress perfectly!":cry::cry:
-schwing took the ny subway for the first time in his life:grin:
-walked around Chinatown, SoHo, NoHo, mid-town, downtown, uptown, well i guess just about everywhere: pbbt:
-late afternoon we met up with terry:cool:  he was really cool, he bought us drinks at this really cool bar.  it was fun:grin:
-sat evening, we took the subway to check out Grand Central Station; then we walked over to Times Square and had my birthday dinner there:hug:
-by the end of the evening we were both so tired from all the walking:cry:

-ok so we meant to get up early on sun morning to go run to central park but that didn't work out so well:laugh:  we were so tired we overslept:sad:
-drove home to get schwing to the airport in time to fly back to sc:sad:

even though we only had one full day there, it was still a fun time.  i like the fact that you can walk around anywhere or take the subway and see lots of cool stuff.  i'd post pictures but they're all on schwing's phone: pbbt:

but we did accomplish what we set out to do over there and got to meet up with a cool forumite to boot:cool:  it was a good weekend:hug:
Parent - - By adamswims (Gone Now Adam! You pick what you want.) Date 2010-09-23 12:53 PM
no pics....... :mutmad:

did you get your dress from the place on that TLC/HGTV show? :shocker!::shocker!:

NYC is a fun place to visit.  No way I could live there though.
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-09-24 9:27 AM
i don't have cable anymore so i don't know what show you're talking about: pbbt:

we were talking about how long we could live in NYC.  not very long:laugh:
Parent - - By schwing [a1] Date 2010-10-12 2:19 PM
I loved the NY trip :x
based on all the tv shows I thought NY was gonna be this really tough place where it was impossible to get around and I'd get ripped off all the time,
but it was a really nice place with lotsa cool stuff to do, and a beautiful view :evil:
I think it would be kinda fun to visit NY again :D

and it was really cool meeting up with TTD :cool: we owe him some beers
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-10-25 4:32 PM
you said the same thing about california:shocker!:

yea I'd like to visit NY again:hug:
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