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Up Topic Training / Triathlons / First ironman + first marathon = pain
- - By lookhard [us] Date 2010-06-24 7:04 AM
Training for my first ironman which will include the first time I've run over a half marathon distance.   Hired a trainer who gives me weekly workouts, have about 8 weeks to go and still haven't gotten any runs above 12 miles.  Over the next 8 weeks I'll only get up to an 18 miler. Does that sound reasonable?  I guess I'm second guessing my trainers advice and just wanted some feedback.  Also he seems to be focusing on the cycling a lot which is where I need the least amount of help(TT'd a 4h 45m century with 6k of vert).  One last question(I have a lot), have any of you used the endless pool to train?  I've mainly been using that for swims and have not done any open water swims yet this year, over July 4th holiday I'll get in some good open water swimming for the first time.  Curious how you thought the transition from an endless pool to open water was.  I know I hated going from lap pool to open water in the past.

Parent - By BrookieCookie (Canadian Beaver) Date 2010-06-24 7:53 PM
Hi and welcome. :) I'm having trouble understanding how the title of this thread relates to the content. Are you in pain? :?
Parent - By Ankah Date 2010-06-25 6:49 PM
It's not uncommon to lower the mileage on the long runs when training for an IM. Depends on what your goals are. 18 miler sounds reasonable. Sounds like it's not your strong point, however. If you feel your trainer isn't giving you what you need, maybe he isn't. Have you discussed this with your trainer? If not, why not? It's you're money, it's your time, don't waste it. Before you hired the trainer, did you do any research? Look up IM training plans online, in books, and see if they compare. And check into the trainer's background. Talk to other clients. If you don't feel you're getting your money's worth, then you need to speak up. It's what you're paying for.

Hopefully someone else can weigh in on this. 8 weeks...looks like you're either doing Louisville or Canada? Best of luck to you. I hope that above all, you have a safe and run race.
Parent - - By Certifiable Date 2010-08-07 4:18 AM
I'm late to the game but I'll answer. Personally, it sounds like you'll be undertrained for the run. If you've never run a marathon, making your first one in an IM is a daunting task to start with. Doing it on a career long run of 18 miles makes it even more so in my mind. You don'tsay what your triathlon experience is, but hopefully some of those half marathons you've ran have been in 70.3 races. I agree that based on your TT time, the bike may be your strongest area. Hopefully that was a recent ride. I have swam in an Endless Pool one time. I thought if was extremely difficult to do, but I wouldn't compare it to OWS any more than I would lap swimming. Hopefully with only 2-3 weeks ago, you've completed some good training since your original post. I hope your race goes well.
Parent - By lookhard [us] Date 2010-08-09 8:30 AM
Forgot I even posted this until the responses showed up in my email.

Less then 2 weeks out and I started my taper already so not much i can do at this point other then wait nervously.  I'm feeling much better about the running after my last long training day(did 75% of the entire bike/ride/swim course last Sunday).

I've done quite a few 70.3's, and the running always kicked my butt on that one.  I'm definitely feeling much better prepared for the run on this one then I have been for the 1/2's that I've done in the past.

I've found out that the transition to open water is always difficult, spent the last few weeks doing nothing but open water training on the course.  The endless pool does have it's advantages it seems, but I wouldn't say transition to open water is one of them IMHO other then fewer of the mini breaks from kicking off the walls at the turns.

Thanks for the good responses, very much appreciated.
Up Topic Training / Triathlons / First ironman + first marathon = pain

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