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- - By callie [ca] Date 2010-06-23 6:28 PM
I don't know if anyone posts here anymore, but here goes:   For a few months now I've been having pain in my arch when I run.  It's really severe when I run, it feels like the whole arch just completely seizes up. It's just mostly lingering soreness or tightness the rest of the time.  My first thought was a PF recurrence, but I don't think it's quite the same pain and traditional PF fixes aren't helping at all.  I've been icing it, stretching, rolling it over a golf ball, and I've taken plenty of time off running.  Nothing seems to help.  I can't afford a consult with a sports doc or anything right now, so I was hoping this sounded familiar to someone.
Parent - By Hoys2 [us] Date 2010-07-29 10:48 PM
Parent - By floms23 [us] Date 2010-10-19 5:41 PM
I have had the same issue and saw a PT.  He did all of the gait testing and so one, but turned out one leg is longer than the other.  He gave me a heal lift and it seemed to fix it at first.  Now I don't have arch problems, but get terrible shin splints.  I don't know if the PT helped or hurt me. :(
Up Topic General / Injuries / Arch pain

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