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- - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-05-19 8:23 PM Edited 2010-05-20 6:15 PM
i've been doing quite a bit of traveling lately and here are some of the airports that have made an impression on me (good and bad).  i will also rate them with :cool: with 1 being worst and 5 being best.

DFW - :cool::cool::cool::cool:
this is the one airport i've spent the most time in.  at first, i had a hate-hate relationship with DFW.  the first two times i flew there were horrible due to bad weather.  once we sat on the taxiway for 3 hours:cry: because of thunderstorm.  and it took another hour just to fly out because we were the 13th plane in line:meh:  then another time, we had to circle the airport for an hour because they wouldn't let us land:shocker!:  we almost ran out of gas and the pilot was actually talking of landing somewhere else.  but now, it has become one of my favorite airports.  i love the skylink.  you can circle the airport in less than 10 minutes with the skylink:cool:  it has cool stores and restaurants and there's also lots of charging stations for your cell phone and laptop.

Charlotte, NC :cool::cool::cool::cool:
i like this airport because it's small enough but yet it operates like a big airport:grin:  it's like a mini-LAX in that parking is easy and you can find everything without too much effort.  the inside is also nice to lounge around in when you have a long layover.

La Guardia (or is it Newark?  I can't remember:blush:) :meh:
this airport does not even merit any sort of rating.  it's the worst airport i've ever gone through.  i was told that la guardia has the most delays of all airports because it's too small and weather is always bad.  it also has very short runways:shocker!:  this is one airport i will always avoid: pbbt:

San Francisco :cool:
horrible, horrible, horrible.  the parking seems to be convoluted and the engineers didn't know how to wrap around parking lots to the terminals.  you just park in one of the structures and hope you can find your way back to your car later.  you have to walk a long way just to get the terminal counters and the signs are all very confusing.

another cool small airport.  i like how you can just park outside and walk across to the airport.  it's all very organized and it is easily one of my favoritest airport.

Lihue, Kauai:cool::cool:
how can anyone not like being in kauai?:laugh:  but i must admit, the airport needs a little updating.  everything looks dated and in need of major renovation.  i do like the atmosphere though of the tropical paradise and the openness of the airport.  schwing doesn't like this airport because they made him give up his fruits before going inside: pbbt:

LAX :cool::cool::cool:
parking is very easy and terminals are very easy to find.  i also like that departure is on one level and arrival is on a different level (underground).  makes the traffic flow a lot easier and parking structures are located infront of the terminal you will be flying out of.  i thought this was standard for all airports but i guess not, ie, san francisco: pbbt:  this airport also has some good restaurants and shops.

Norfolk :cool::cool::cool:
i never thought i'd describe an airport this way but it really is a pretty airport:laugh:  even the outside is nice and pretty.  i also like that the rental car companies are located in the same area as the baggage claim:grin:  you don't have to take a shuttle to pick up your rental car.

other airports i've been but not really worth rating: pbbt: - phoenix, salt lake city, portland, las vegas, minneapolis, atlanta, miami, jacksonville (FL), dulles, ronald reagan, burbank, honolulu.

mebe next time i'll do international airports:shocker!:  as in, airports in different countries:cool:
Parent - - By adamswims (Gone Now Adam! You pick what you want.) Date 2010-05-21 6:12 AM
very informative. :cool:

I'll argue a bit on DFW.  Having lived there for a long time, the thing that sucks about that airport post 9/11 is that if you are picking someone up there is nowhere to eat, browse, kill time while you wait.  All the shops are inside the security checkpoint.  Even the new terminal (D) is that way.

I like Phoenix (the new terminals) and Vegas because you don't have to be inside the checkpoint for those things.  Tampa is the same way.

LaGuardia does suck.
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-05-21 5:37 PM
yea it does suck about not being able to go inside:sad:  whenever schwing drops me off, we have to sit outside by the counters sos we can stay together until the very last minute.  <yeah you can start gagging now: pbbt:>

i actually have not been to phoenix in a long long time.  it's probably been more than 20 years:shocker!:
Parent - - By schwing [us] Date 2010-05-26 11:01 AM
My current favorite is CLT. It has FREE WIFI!!!! hell yea :cool: and the fares outa CLT are really good, and its a small enough airport that it doesn't take much effort to get to the concourse. Like Adamneh was saying has that drawback that most all the food stuff is behind the security checkpoint.

Another one I like a lot is Dulles- I don't really have a good reason other than theres a place called the kettle pot that has really good sandwiches that aren't priced like airport food.

I HATE ATL. HATE HATE HATE it. Its always packed and congested. If you get there 'on time' you'll probably miss your flight because the line might not move. Everything is over priced, from the parking to the airfare. How is it cheaper for me to fly from clt to atl and then my final destination than to fly to the destination starting from atl? thats rediculous. Also they have a horrible terminal transfer system. you have to go up and down these really steep and awkward escalators to get on a train, and they are inevitably clogged with people who will not walk up them so you are at the mercy of the speed at whichh the escalator runs. Its the worst airport I use regularly.

I'm indifferent to DFW. I like the samsung power row of chairs with all the plugs. The train isnt bad. I don't remember much else of note.

I think SFO is cool. I like the ambiance of the airport, but I've never had to park there :p

Lihue rocks! you get an ocean and mountain view. The downside is its tiny and doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of food or modern conveniences. but yea theres a bunch of produce stealers out front claiming to be with the USDA or something :mutmad:
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-05-27 6:09 PM
I love CLT!:hug:

I don't get flights that crisscross either.  I've had to stop at Atlanta before and I had a hard time finding a terminal:blush:  the people there are very friendly though!

produce stealers:laugh::laugh::hug:
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-06-02 6:12 PM Edited 2010-06-02 6:27 PM
UPDATE:  ATLANTA SUCKS:mutmad::mutmad::mutmad::mutmad::mutmad::mutmad::mutmad:
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