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- - By Notree Date 2010-05-06 8:27 PM
Due to a slight miscalculation of the stock market :blush:the Ol Notree's dopted running daughters all 77.3 of them:hug:  The   free Caribbean cruise has been postponed.  Alas the run from the dock to Poncho's Back Yard in Cazumel to drink Margaritas is cancelled ,,sad..but I will be doing a Pub crawl in Key West on August  13...   and I have invested 1 USD in a lottery ticket so there is still some hope....Notree:cool:
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-05-25 6:13 PM
:laugh::hug: we'll keep our fingers crossed!
Up Topic General / Travel / 2010 Cruise

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