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- - By Grey Beard Tom [us] Date 2006-10-17 5:51 PM
Running Trains instead of Training Runs is another piece of my life.  Several have asked for pictures.  Hopefully I got it right and it works this time.       

Tom CEO of Elm Creek RR
Parent - By Lee Tri-s [us] Date 2006-10-17 5:56 PM
What a great show!  Thanks for sharing.  Good thing you live where you do.  Your hobby would never make it here in the rainforest.
Parent - By JetGirl [us] Date 2006-10-17 5:58 PM
That is really beautiful, Tom!  What a fascinating hobby that must be!
Parent - By NErunner [us] Date 2006-10-17 7:17 PM
I loved Baby Anna!  Oh, and the Cat Guard.  Beautiful picures....The Reading Railroad...brought back memories.  Thanks.
Parent - By Deb [us] Date 2006-10-17 8:39 PM
Very nice Tom. I love the Cat Guard and the tree on the track...neat hobby.
Parent - By FaithRunner1 [us] Date 2006-10-18 5:49 AM
Great fun Tom..........thanks for sharing..........looks like a great place to escape into the youth of our past!!
Parent - By ironjen Date 2006-10-18 6:07 AM
Oh my! That's awesome Tom! And so cool! So what's the cats name? Looks like lots of fun to do.
Parent - - By rgreen45 [ca] Date 2006-10-18 6:34 AM
An excellent show. I've been waiting for more since the Christmas card came. Thank you. :laugh:
Parent - - By ironjen Date 2006-10-18 6:36 AM
Speaking of the Christmas cards, do you think we'll be up for it again this year?
Parent - - By Ron274 [us] Date 2006-10-18 2:09 PM
I hope so Jen. It was really nice last year. Matter of fact I have pix of you, Tom and several other Forumites on my bulletin board. Oh! And one of you trying to wake up w/o your Starbucks at Steamtown.
Parent - By ironjen Date 2006-10-18 2:12 PM
Parent - By badlands_bob Date 2006-10-18 7:05 AM
Very cool, Tom . . . :cool:

Thanks for the pics . . .
Parent - By Michele Date 2006-10-18 7:57 AM
Fabulous!!  My BIL could LIVE in your backyard!  He travels all over just to watch trains.  :)  Thanks for the pics Tom!
Parent - By Ron274 [us] Date 2006-10-18 2:06 PM
CoolTom! What a fun hobby I'll bet. Any problem keeping " kitty " away from the fish??
Parent - By penguinpam [us] Date 2006-10-19 5:57 AM
Thanks for posting the pictures Tom.....they are great! Of course, after showing them to Conor, he wants to know why WE can't do something like that!

Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-10-19 6:09 AM
Cool choo-choo. I love the town and cemetery set up.  My grandfather loved trains.  He worked for the railroad before he died.  I was only 8 when he died but remember him giving me a ride on an old locomotive.  He would've loved something like you have.
Parent - By Lori Andersen [us] Date 2006-10-19 7:07 AM
My Dad was also into trains when I was little, Tom!! He had the set up down the basement on a ping-pong table and I'll never forget it, even tho I was only 3. I remember the smell of the smoke that used to come from the engines and the track. He had the town buildings all lit up. You brought back some fun memories! I love your set up and that you have it outside is really amazing, too! Thanks sooo much for sharing these! :hug: Cool Hobby! :cool: I love how your cat is so into it, too! :hug:
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