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Up Topic Training / Triathlons / Sprint tri race report. Wahoo!
- - By Ankah Date 2010-04-26 7:01 AM
Short version:
300m swim/11 mile bike/5K
My time: 1:02.41
4th woman OA (behind 3rd woman by 33 secs.), 1st in age.
40th OA out of 320-something

Extended mix:
One of my alma maters put on a little tri last year for the first time. Organized and run by the student tri club, they got some decent reviews. I decided to give it a try on their second go-around. The swim was in an Olympic sized pool, and that was a big draw for me. I've never swim in a 50m pool! Bike was a bumpy, pot-hole-y ride, with LOTS of turns. Run was nice, all across the quad, and of course, at 8am on a Saturday, there were NO students out. It was a lovely day--the rain stayed away, but it was pleasantly cloudy and cool.

My goals were to focus on form in the pool, have enough energy for the run, and keep my transitions under a minute.

Here are my splits:
300m swim: 6:12 (5:28 for the swim, the rest was a long run upstairs, uphill, to T1)
T1: 45 seconds!
11 mile bike: 32:41 (20.1 mph)
T2: 59 seconds!
5K run: 21:55 (Actually, this was 2.99 miles. The map on their site told me so, and there's NO WAY I got my best 5K time so far this year at the end of a tri. :roll:)

I'm not sure how a course can be USAT certified, but the run was short. I also saw NO officials anywhere on the bike course. Also wondered how I went slower in the 50m pool than the 25y pool, but realized you don't kick off the wall as often in a longer pool. Duh. Oh well, it was fun! I hit all my goals, and got to hang with others from my tri club. I remembered what the best part of tris were for me--the comraderie. :hug:
Parent - - By terrythedrummer (i'mmm fvkcing tankeed d) [us] Date 2010-04-26 11:21 AM

See my response to your fit thread!: pbbt:
Parent - By Ankah Date 2010-04-26 6:55 PM
:hug: Yes, thanks!
Parent - - By mmrocker13 [us] Date 2010-04-26 6:16 PM
I am glad to see someone actually posts here :hug:

And congrats :-)
Parent - By Ankah Date 2010-04-26 6:55 PM
Parent - By fridayfishfry [us] Date 2010-05-15 5:33 PM
Those times rock, Ankah. Unbelievable transitions
Up Topic Training / Triathlons / Sprint tri race report. Wahoo!

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