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- - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-04-13 12:00 AM
schwing flew in to california for a long weekend and i decided that i was going to show him around san francisco:grin:  so this is his adventure blog: pbbt:

-checked in to a hotel with a nice view of the bay:shocker!:  the hotel was so close to the water and we even had a nice balcony.  it was cool to watch the planes and boats on the water.

-we were both tired so we slept in.  the hotel offered free breakfast and the lines were long:shocker!:  schwing wanted to stay in the long line cos he said "this is where the good stuff must be!": pbbt:  but then we were hungry so we switched to the omelet line and ate our breakfast in the indoor courtyard
-took a nice long walk along the shore and then off we went to the city
-went to the golden gate bridge and walked on the bridge; it was a beautiful day but it was windy; schwing only had shorts and shirt on:cry:
-drove over to sausalito but we kept getting lost thanks to me:blush::roll: then we headed over to the fisherman's wharf
-had a nice dinner with a view of the sea lions lounging around the wharf:shocker!:

-we are now in half moon bay:cool:  we had planned to go on a nice trail run in a state park with redwood trees along the trail but then there was a rainstorm and it rained hard all day:meh:  so we got stuck being indoors pretty much for the whole day

-i wanted schwing to see the scenic Hwy. 1 so we drove over to monterey and checked out the aquarium over there
-saw lots of cool things and now schwing wants a big aquarium in his apartment:laugh:
-my favorite exhibit was the seadragon

tomorrow he heads back to sc and that will be the end of his california adventure:sad: but we did have lots of fun even with the rainstorm:cool:
Parent - - By schwing [us] Date 2010-04-13 12:20 AM
:shocker!: I'm getting kicked to the east coast tomorrow ...I don't think i like the ending of this blog :mutmad:
but I love trinitastic adventures :x

Its all such a blur but I'm pretty sure sunday was my favorite day :evil: but i wanna come back sometime and see the redwood trees still :cool:

and I think tina is gonna love the new aquarium :grin: :cool:
oh and we found something called a mystery spot in santa cruz :O well its still kinda a mystery cos it closes at 4 and we didn't get to see it :roll: but from the brochure it seems like some kinda timewarp where everyone is in 1950s clothes :p I think if we ever drive across country or something on a trinitastic adventure we sould look for more tourist spots on gps :p

schwing :x
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-04-13 4:37 PM
i got abandoned on the west coast and i'm not liking the ending of this blog:mutmad:

yes we'll have to go check out the giant redwoods next time:hug: and rainstorms are always fun:evil:

i think someone just made up that mystery spot sometime in the 1950's to make a way to get people to pay them money and now it's been decades and people are still believing its mystery:cry: i bet whoever made it up is a millionaire now and laughing his butt off cos he's been gypping peeps the whole time:mutmad:

i think driving cross country will be lots of fun especially when we drive through all the national parks:grin:
Parent - - By adamswims (Gone Now Adam! You pick what you want.) Date 2010-04-13 5:09 AM
My sil (mrs.adamnehs sis) was in sf this past weekend and walked across the gg bridge. :shocker!:  if you saw a lady with some girls scouts then that was her.

That's a beautiful area. Our first vacation together was to the city and then to Monterrey, etc. It was then that I knew for sure she was the one as she could put up with me for 10 days straight.
Parent - - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-04-13 4:41 PM
:shocker!::shocker!: we didn't see a lady there with girl scouts but then again we didn't walk the entire bridge: pbbt:

is that the test?:laugh:  i knew schwing was the one when he sat through the entire "Nights in Rodanthe" movie with me without any complaints: pbbt:
and are you trying to make the rolling r sound with monterey?:roll: cos it's spelled with only one r: pbbt:
Parent - - By adamswims (Gone Now Adam! You pick what you want.) Date 2010-04-14 6:18 AM
thank apple for the rolling r....autofill. :roll:

I sat through a couple of movies like that.  One that comes to mind is "What Dreams May Come".  Sitting through these without complaining prior to marriage gives us carte blanche to make wisecracks after the knot is tied. : pbbt:: pbbt:: pbbt:
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-04-14 6:20 PM
he's already making wisecracks about the movie:cry:
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