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Up Topic General / Blogs / trini's adventures in selling a car
- - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-03-16 9:44 PM
I'm in the process of selling my car and from the calls I've gotten, here are some of the observations and questions I've had to deal with:grin:

-those who are looking to buy a convertible are buying it for their daughter:shocker!:  I wish I had a convertible in high school or college:cry:

-it seems they don't really know what to ask:wtf:  and it feels like I have to make a sales pitch every time

-there's a lot of scammers out there:shocker!:

-my conversation with one caller:
lady caller:  what color is the car
me:  dark blue
lady caller:  how blue?
me:  :meh:dark blue
lady caller:  like navy blue?:wtf:
me:  :mutmad:dark blue

-someone asked me if I would take 8K cash and can I finance the rest:laugh::laugh:

I'll write more about this as time passes:grin: 
I don't know how much longer I can take the questions:cry:  I sure hope the car sells quickly: pbbt:
Parent - - By adamswims (Gone Now Adam! You pick what you want.) Date 2010-03-17 5:19 AM
are you using craigslist? I tried selling my car that way with little success as I am still driving said car.  mrs.adamneh sold hers in about 2 weeks that way though so you never know.

generally people are stupid.  I don't exclude myself from that statement either.

fyi...I'm blogging now. :shocker!::shocker!:
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-03-17 6:31 PM
yes i'm using craigslist and other websites.  we'll see how successful it will be: pbbt:

i was just thinking that if you're seriously in the market for a car, you'd know what you want or at least an idea of what kind of things you'd be looking for, but that's just me:cool:

and :shocker!::shocker!:
Parent - - By schwing [us] Date 2010-03-20 9:16 AM
:laugh: on a scale of lightest blue to black you mean? with pale robins egg blue being the lightest and pure black being the darketst? then mmmm.....its DARK BLUE :laugh:

i want 324323 easy payments of $1 please :D

schwing :x
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-03-20 4:13 PM
:laugh: the lady asking that question was also looking for a car for her daughter.  and she was already nitpicking the car when she hadn't even seen it yet:mutmad:

lady caller:  is the car leaking oil?
me:  not that i know of
lady caller:  all older cars leak, how do you know it's not leaking?
me:  :meh:
lady caller:  why is that your price?  that seems too high
me:  :cry:

Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-03-28 8:46 PM
Update:  I sold the car!: pbbt:
Up Topic General / Blogs / trini's adventures in selling a car

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