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- - By schwing [us] Date 2010-02-06 9:56 PM
I'm not a judger...I'm really not. I know lots of judgemental peeps say that so they can proceed to judge people, but this isn't where I intend to go with this.
I will admit, however, that I'm a tad freaked out by some of the people in the locker room at my gym :meh: uncomfortable...weirded out, yes...judging no ;)
Here is an overview of some of the personalities:
1. Guy who stands in the bathroom stall looking out over the wall towards the urinals. He is fully clothed in what seems to be 3 or for layers of clothing. Two satchels are on the floor by the stall door. When I stare at him in the mirror as I wash my hands he ducks back down behind the stall. He emerges some time later with a large Clemson University towel that he drapes over every machine he works out on. I find myself hoping its just a severe case of germaphobia...but the satchels on the bathroom floor tell me this probably isn't the case. wtf.
2. I feel a little uneasy about guys who like to hang out in the steam room at the gym. It used to be if somebody was annoying me at the gym it was these guys, and their ability to come out and shower when somebody gets in the shower only to return back to the steam room and repeat the process. Well the Greenwood YMCA has given me a little bit of perspective. They're not as bad as the guys who chose to pull up a chair to the showers and sit a facing the showers and towel off area. Who does that? Well we got not one but two guys that do, one at a time. wtf :wtf: One of these guys is my walmart greeter...not too fond of being greeted right now buddy :roll: He also hangs out in the locker room for a few hours, and showering in his shorts.
3. The guy with his personal office at his locker. Spends the night on his cell phone. Way to get a workout : pbbt:
4. Paul, the social butterfly. Paul is a talker, and I admit I don't really like the guy. Invades your personal space. Tells you about how he found a great new herbal supplement for men :meh: Not a fan of the minimum wage law? Paul is your man...he'll tell you exactly what he thinks of that. You always know he is there somewhere when you see his carry on luggage. the kind with wheels and a handle, that he uses as a gym bag sitting under the benches. Mind you I use grocery bags for my gym clothes...or just wrap them in a towel, so I'd be on somebody's list too ;)

Is it like this everywhere, or am I at the epicenter of something?
Parent - - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-02-07 12:27 PM

whenever I go to Greenwood YMCA all I notice is a sexy hawtie on the bike:evil:

Paul sounds like an interesting guy:grin:  is he an older gentleman?  why would someone shower in shorts?:wtf:  and why would someone pull up a chair to the shower:laugh:  backward hillbilly peeps: pbbt:

and I don't go to the gym much so I couldn't tell you any interesting peeps in there.  whenever I go there I try not to look at the other women cos I wouldn't want them looking at me: pbbt:  but I'm pretty sure everyone there is normal:grin:
Parent - - By schwing [ca] Date 2010-02-07 4:36 PM
You. Just like the Y cos peeps invite you to parties :laugh: :hug:
And I thought the phrase was backwoods insteada backwards :wtf:

:x :x :x
Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-02-07 5:21 PM
I like going to the Y cos that's where a sexy hawtie goes and i like to ogle over him:evil::evil::evil:
oh backwoods schwingbilly peeps it is:grin:  ahahaha~ get it hillbilly....schwingbilly: pbbt:

Parent - By Trinity (Troublemaker) Date 2010-02-07 6:45 PM
P.S. You are the epicenter of my world cos you rock my world:mischief:
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