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- - By rgreen45 [ca] Date 2006-10-14 9:45 AM
So what's on tap for you this lovely day?
Parent - - By rgreen45 [ca] Date 2006-10-14 9:50 AM
I did my 5k race this morning, clocking a 22:16. I knew I should beat my 23:02 of last week as the course wasn't as hilly. Plus, I had a good training week, doing the big miles early in the week.

I'm pleased of course. A lady I hoped to "draft" was there and as I expected, she ran well. She came in at 21:59. I knew that if I had a good day, I should be within 15-30 seconds of her.
Parent - - By Yankeebelle Date 2006-10-14 10:38 AM
:hug:   Awesome job Ray! 

Keeping you and Sugar in my thoughts....
Parent - By rgreen45 [ca] Date 2006-10-14 10:54 AM
Thanks Dottie. I briefly passed Debbie at the beginning of the second mile but I knew that if I tried to maintain the lead, I'd be overdoing it. We ran the first mile shoulder to shoulder in 7:05. I was only 5-8 seconds back as we approached the 3 mile mark. Debbie kicked into passing gear to catch a couple girls in front of her. I saw I easily had my goal of under 23:00 so I just maintained my effort. My last mile was my best at 7:03. Mile 2, with it's ups & downs, was a 7:23.
Parent - By BobSanone [us] Date 2006-10-14 10:55 AM
Great Job Ray!

Parent - - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-10-14 11:14 AM
Well done Ray.  It helps tremendously to have someone to pace you.  But, that's not taking anything away from you.  You did the work to run your time today.  You would've easily taken Natalie this morning.:wink:
Parent - By rgreen45 [ca] Date 2006-10-14 11:26 AM
Maybe, maybe not. She was only 8 seconds back last week. If she had a productive training week with a bit of a taper, it may have been close.
Parent - By murphy26.2 Date 2006-10-14 12:35 PM
You just keep getting faster!! Prayers & good wishes for Monday:hug:
Parent - - By MarcRunsSlow [us] Date 2006-10-14 1:23 PM
Nice run Ray.
Parent - By rgreen45 [ca] Date 2006-10-14 2:17 PM
Thanks Marc & Murphy. I'll only be out of training for about 7 days so that won't be a big setback. I've been back at it for 6 weeks now so maybe a recovery week might actually help the progress.
Parent - By Ron274 [us] Date 2006-10-14 4:52 PM
Wow! great job Ray. Congrats.
Parent - - By NErunner [us] Date 2006-10-14 6:41 PM
Nice race, Ray!  Looks like you are baaaack!
Parent - By rgreen45 [ca] Date 2006-10-14 7:18 PM
I'm making progress and it's fun.
Parent - - By ironjen Date 2006-10-14 10:12 AM
I just got back from some morning errands. Finally got my new comforter and duvet. Stopped at Babies R Us to see if they had orange tights for the lass. No tights :mutmad: Does ANYONE sell orange tights? Honestly. Then stopped at B&N for a coffee and ended up with a coffee, 3 books and a x-mas mug :blush: I'm so pathetic. I am also debating about calling or writing a letter to complain to a jeweler I took my Mom's wedding set to. They were to do an appraisal on it so I can get it insured and they ruined the finish on the rings when they cleaned it. They also never separated the pieces and therefore missed the fact that it was missing a prong and needed to be repaired. I'm a bit baffled as this is a reputable jeweler. I know about the prong because I took some other pieces to a different jeweler to have appraised (because the first jeweler said they couldn't appraise them) and asked them to verify the appraisal and they told me it was damaged. They also confirmed that the other jeweler ruined the finish but they can fix that for me.

Anyway, today is a rest day from running but I will do weights, abs and stretching.
Parent - - By Yankeebelle Date 2006-10-14 10:39 AM
I have a beautiful diamond and saphire ring I inherited.  I've been nervous to have it sized a teeny bit bigger and thoroughly cleaned because I'm scared something will happen to it.  :meh:
Parent - - By ironjen Date 2006-10-14 11:05 AM
I was shocked by this as they are a reputable jeweler and I've taken stuff there before. My own engagement ring for that matter with is worth quite a bit more than my Mom's rings. Normally a person is ok taking jewelers. I am writing a letter. I just did it, I'm just waiting for my friend to read it and give me her input. I'm asking that they reimburse me for the cost of repairs AND the cost of the appraisals.
Parent - By Lori Andersen [us] Date 2006-10-14 11:25 AM
Good for you, Jen! The jeweler should be held accountable for the damage. Luckily, the rings can be fixed!

I've had an awesome Jeweler (mom & pop store) for 13 yrs., ever since I came to AZ. Walt became sick about a year ago and had to let go of his business. :( He has made most of my jewelry (diamond rings and others) and I went in monthly to have my rings checked and cleaned. I have a very special ring from Maui that has Australian opals and now no one else is brave enough to clean it properly and I have to find someone I can trust.  I'm lost without him and his wife, especially the friendship! It was always a joy to visit with them every month. I'd sit and gab and we were so close. Very loving and caring people!

Anyway, glad you are taking care of all this and I hope you have good results! Those rings of your Mom's are Treasures! :hug:
Parent - By murphy26.2 Date 2006-10-14 12:38 PM
Good for you not letting their shoddy workmanship just slide - hope you find those orange tights!
Parent - - By Yankeebelle Date 2006-10-14 10:46 AM
Got in 6 miles in bright sunshine that made the 45* temp just perfect for running.  :happy:   Our HS won last night 52-0.  We had to invoke the "mercy rule" (with 9 minutes left in the 4rd quarter) after a team is ahead by 45 points they run down the clock for the rest of the game.  

Planning a nice dinner out (no kids- woo hoo!) but he's keeping the restaurant a surprise.  Today is a year since our first date...:hug:   Now that went by fast!!!
Parent - By Lori Andersen [us] Date 2006-10-14 11:09 AM
Nice 6 miler this morning, Dottie, with all that sunshine and perfect temps! :cool:

Happy 1 yr. Anniversary!! Yayyy, a kid-less dinner sounds like the perfect way to Celebrate! Surprises are Wonderful! Enjoy your Special Evening! :hug:
Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-10-14 11:17 AM
A childless dinner sounds just wonderful.  Have fun and post the details.  I've forgotten what it's like to have a meal without kids.:cry::shocker!:: pbbt:
Parent - By Michele Date 2006-10-14 4:46 PM
Our team won their homecoming game by 40-0 and our mercy rule started in the 4th quarter too.  It sure made the game end early!  :shocker!:

Have fun at dinner tonight Dottie!  :hug:
Parent - - By BobSanone [us] Date 2006-10-14 10:54 AM
Governor's Cup Half Thon this morning in near perfect conditions!
I bit off a little more than I could chew by running the Half today. I did a 13 miler about 4 weeks back but had not run anything close to that distance in months before that run. Probably should have run the 8K  but what the heck.: pbbt: My finish time of 1:42 was WAY off of what I did in this race two years ago. Still, I'm ok with the progress. :happy:

Parent - By Lori Andersen [us] Date 2006-10-14 11:12 AM
Is that all the report we get for a Half???  :roll:  Sounds like you had a pretty enjoyable race in 'near perfect conditions', Bob!! And, you weren't actually 'training' yet for the Half so I bet it felt good just to nab another 13 mile run! :cool: Goood for YOU! :hug:
Parent - By rgreen45 [ca] Date 2006-10-14 11:23 AM
1:42 is a decent finish Bob. I haven't popped a good half since '97 but I don't run many half marathons. did you place in your A.D.?

My last good half was a very hilly race in which I had the blessing of passing the Yankebelle water stop 3 times. I ran a 1:48 and won my A.D. I also had a crash & burn half in October of '06 running a 2:05. It was a beautiful, nearly level course in Dayton, Ohio.
Parent - By murphy26.2 Date 2006-10-14 12:40 PM
Nice! A 1:42 w/o specifically training for it is great!!
Parent - By MarcRunsSlow [us] Date 2006-10-14 1:26 PM
Isn't nice just to be able to do the half and a 1:42 ain't that shabby.
Parent - - By Ron274 [us] Date 2006-10-14 4:55 PM
Nice job Bob. Congrats!!!!
Parent - By JetGirl [us] Date 2006-10-14 6:14 PM
Congrats, Bob and Ray! 
Parent - By Lori Andersen [us] Date 2006-10-14 11:07 AM Edited 2006-10-14 11:16 AM
Yayyyyy, Ray!!! :cool::hug::laugh: What a grrreat race this morning!! Way to put the Icing on the Cake after another solid week of running!!! 

Just relaxin', sippin' on my coffee and looking forward to my weekend run tomorrow morning! Hangin' out here is always great inspiration!!

Have a Very Special Saturday, Pals! Enjoy your runs and races this weekend!! :hug:
Parent - - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-10-14 11:22 AM
I ran a very easy 3 miles this morning.  Since I ran 20 miles yesterday and had a xc meet this morning, I decided on running 3 and I purposely "jogged" it.  The easy pace felt so nice.   Usually my easy days turn into moderately paced runs or faster.  I need to do these easy 3's more often.

This afternoon we're having a birthday party for my daughter who will turn 7 on Tuesday.  The Pinana, cake, and birthday goodies are ready (thanks to Mrs Moose).  My job is blowing up balloons.:happy:

Have a great Saturday.
Parent - - By Lori Andersen [us] Date 2006-10-14 12:25 PM
Happy Birthday, Little Moose! :hug: 7 is such a *great* year! I can well remember being 7! :D The imagination is in full gear!! : pbbt: Of course, I've never lost that in all these years! :laugh: Enjoy the balloon blowing and festivities... I'll be waiting to hear the Pinata stories! :D :cool:

Glad you enjoyed your Easy 3, Moose! :hug: Nice to know even YOU can run a 3-miler! :laugh:
Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-10-14 5:03 PM
The weather turned out to be beautiful for an outdoor birthday party.  All the kids that came had fun.  The pinata was actually a giant purse.  Makayla's birthday theme was Bratz dolls.  Ever heard of them?  Mrs. Moose filled the pinata with enough candy for the whole state of Ky.: pbbt:  No one needs to go trick or treating now.:grin:

BTW...I liked my easy 3 so much that I'm thinking of running another one tomorrow morning.:cool:
Parent - - By Ron274 [us] Date 2006-10-14 4:57 PM
Happy Birthday Moosette ( is there such a thing:wtf: )
Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-10-14 5:05 PM
Moosette.  I like it.  My mom calls my wife Meese.  How many twists from the word Moose can we come up with it?: pbbt:
Parent - - By MarcRunsSlow [us] Date 2006-10-14 1:27 PM
Cloudy 59°F @ 9:45 pm PDT w/67% RH
Wind: North NW @ 1 mph

No sun today, but no snow either. Clouds are good. :wink:

Back into the regular training routine, so Saturday is a cross-training day.
15.5 easy miles on the bike.
Parent - By NErunner [us] Date 2006-10-14 6:44 PM
No snow is good, too.  Don't think I have EVER seen wind at 1 mph:meh:.
Parent - By GrayDave [us] Date 2006-10-14 1:47 PM
Mediocre 12 mile run for me this morning.
Parent - - By Michele Date 2006-10-14 4:52 PM
Congratulations Ray and Bob!  Good to read race reports from you two gentlemen!

It was cold in Omaha this morning, below freezing I think, but we bundled up and took the bikes out for 5 miles.  Nope, not for me!!  I do not like biking in the cold!!  I've been lazy about getting that trainer . . . Bob doesn't think I NEED it . . . but will get busier soon.

Had a massage this afternoon at the massage school.  It was different.  I thought she was a student, but found out she's a full-fledged therapist.  Hmm . . . wouldn't go back to her if I'd paid more!

Bob took the car to Hastings for Curtis' game, and I stayed home to help Marty for the Homecoming dance tonight, if he needed it.  Which left me with nothing to drive.  Which means I couldn't go see him with his date and their friends all dressed up.  I gave him the camera with stern instructions to find an adult to take lots of pictures!!  :)

Update on my sister:  Tests showed they did not get everything out, so she has another surgery on Thursday.  Everything was "clean" as they put it, which means once they get it out, it's gone, it hasn't spread.  No chemo, but 4 weeks of radiation and then she should be free of cancer!  Since they messed up the first surgery, think she'll get the second one free??  : pbbt:
Parent - - By rgreen45 [ca] Date 2006-10-14 5:01 PM
Thank you very much. Bob and I are happy to be racing again. :laugh::laugh:
Parent - By BobSanone [us] Date 2006-10-15 5:27 AM
Well said Ray!

Parent - By Kymoose [us] Date 2006-10-14 5:07 PM
That's good news for your sister.  I don't quite understand why they didn't get everything the first time though.:wtf:  Still, another surgery is better than several months of chemo. 
Parent - By JetGirl [us] Date 2006-10-14 6:16 PM
Good news on your sister, Michele.  sorry that they didn't get everything out...:sad:
Parent - By NErunner [us] Date 2006-10-14 6:45 PM
:hug: to your sister, Michele....and to you.
Parent - By Deb [us] Date 2006-10-15 9:14 AM
Hope all goes well with the second surgery. I guess I missed the orginal post on this? :wtf:

Why is it you can get a refund or compensated for just about anything else but not legal and medical costs when you're not satisfied or they muss up??? : pbbt:
Parent - By Ron274 [us] Date 2006-10-14 5:00 PM
A busy morning at the Gym. Only work 8A-1P on sat. but the time usually flies. Afterward an easy 6.5 miles in gusty winds. Tomorrow another twenty miler.:cry:
Have a great weekend all.
Parent - - By JetGirl [us] Date 2006-10-14 6:17 PM
Just ran a nice 4 miler - I think I've perked up out of my little slump, which gives me more confidence for my 5k next week.
Parent - By rgreen45 [ca] Date 2006-10-14 6:27 PM
Sounds good ..... you gotta goal time in mind :wtf:
Parent - - By MarcRunsSlow [us] Date 2006-10-14 7:00 PM
We'll have to get out the cheerleaders this week to keep you motivated. Where's that clapping emoticon when you need him. :happy:
Parent - By JetGirl [us] Date 2006-10-15 6:22 PM
Thanks guys!
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