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- - By FaithRunner1 [us] Date 2006-10-13 7:49 AM
Greetings all.

Both Wanda and I turn 50 this December.  We were born in the same month, year, only ten days apart....Cool huh?

In any case, I want to do something special for her B-day.  I asked her and she said travel over jewelry, boy I jumped all over that one, I'll take paying for a vacation anyday!  Anyhow, I need some ideas from you ladies for a special 50th Birthday vacation....we have about 4-5 days max, that's it in terms of time.  She wants to spend it away from Family (Kids).

She loves the Theatre, Shopping, the Ocean...Man does she love the Ocean and she is of the mindset that "give me a book to read by the ocean of blue with no schedule, no kids, no social krutches...i,e. TV, radio, etc" and she is happy.  She loves getting dressed to the 9s for Dinner. Oh, She Loves England, Ireland and especially Scotland, where her Family is from. Hey, isn't it cold over there in December?

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance
Parent - - By Yankeebelle Date 2006-10-13 7:58 AM
Savannah GA.  It's so beautiful, neat shops, great reataurants and will be slightly warmer than MI.  I'm not sure what's open there in the winter, though.

Key West!  You'll swear you're in a different country....
Parent - By FaithRunner1 [us] Date 2006-10-13 9:02 AM
I heard that is a great area in GA.
Parent - By RBrauerei [us] Date 2006-10-15 7:48 PM
Savannah is a great idea; rent a beach house.  :cool:

Key West may be just a bit over the top for the quiet aspect... Right BobS? :evil:
Parent - - By dnaff [us] Date 2006-10-13 8:31 AM
How about a limo ride to dinner?  We did that for my sister on her 50th.
Parent - By FaithRunner1 [us] Date 2006-10-13 9:02 AM
Great idea!! She would really enjoy that.
Parent - - By Lee Tri-s [us] Date 2006-10-13 9:22 AM
If you just had a few more days, I'd say Hawaii.  It's beautiful here in December.  That flight from Michigan is SO long, though.  Did that this summer.
Parent - - By FaithRunner1 [us] Date 2006-10-13 9:27 AM
What a perfect place Hawaii!!:grin:

I was there in 1975 for a week and the beauty of the place has stayed with me through the years.  I always wanted to run a road race there....Great reading from you Lee!
Parent - - By Lee Tri-s [us] Date 2006-10-13 10:39 AM
By the way, Honolulu marathon is December 10.  It starts at 5:00 AM so if you run fast and Wanda sleeps in, she'll hardly know you're gone.  Think about it :cool:
Parent - By FaithRunner1 [us] Date 2006-10-13 11:20 AM is a thought and a good one at that!!
Parent - - By Soundrunner [us] Date 2006-10-13 5:11 PM
How fast can you get SCUBA certified?  Then go to the Phillipines' coral reefs.

(Oh wait, that's what I want to do for my 50th, if the reefs aren't gone by then.  :sad:)

I'd of course say the Northwest for a quicker trip, but December just isn't the right time to come.  Can you delay your trip?

4-5 days just doesn't seem long enough, especially to leave the country. London in December/Christmastime would be nice, though, if she likes the British Isles. 
Parent - - By FaithRunner1 [us] Date 2006-10-16 4:05 AM
Yup, already certified, actually, I earned my Master Scuba Diver credenitals from NAUI and PADI many years ago and dive when the opportunity arises.

Wanda prefers above water activities but she would go where ever I wanted to and wait top-side for me!!:hug:
Parent - By Soundrunner [us] Date 2006-10-16 11:50 AM
Oooh, you're certified and dive?  Very cool.  I'm jealous.  It's going to be something I take up when my knees finally give out.  Good diving here, but the water is COLD!!! 

Above water, huh?  Then I vote for a quick trip to London. :happy:
Parent - By RBrauerei [us] Date 2006-10-15 7:49 PM
For our family vacation we rented a beach house south of Mendocino CA; no TV, cell phones wouldn't even work.  I spent a good deal of my time just watching the ocean, drinking wine, and reading.  Near the wine country.  Mendocino has some quirky if not nice restaurants to celebrate.
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