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- - By 26miler Date 2009-08-25 11:35 AM

While I have not seen a Dr, after consulting Dr. Google,: pbbt: I think I am having issues with this. My mileage is quite low at this time, (summer taper, only running 3-4 days/week, 15-19 miles), but I started feeling this pain after a hard workout week. (multiple days of lower body work and then topped it off with a long, hilly trail run = :cry:).

The pain is not "that bad" yet. I feel it during a run, but can get through it all right, it's afterwards that I become sore for the rest of the day. I took 6 days off, ran once, and the pain was right back. I am massaging it with a tennis ball as recommended, and doing stretches, etc. My question is, for those who have had similar issues, did you run through it but keep up with massage/stretching? I did read on one site that someone just did easy running, no speedwork, no hills. I also read that it's something that can take a long time to heal, so not running at all may not be an option. Marathon training starts soon and I really want to go in healthy.

Any experiences with this that you would care to share would be much appreciated! thanks!
Parent - By squirrelgirl (Indian Buffet Queen) Date 2009-08-25 12:16 PM
Everyone is different on this one but for me, I can often run through it but then pay for it later when it hurts to sit for any length of time. Hills should be avoided if you can and runs should be easy if at all. If you can figure out why it hurts that can help (weak glutes, nerve through muscle, tight hammies, etc.). I'm pretty sure my plantar fasciitis in my left foot is due to running through periformis pain on my right side. And I cannot avoid hills in my area.
Be sure that you're strengthening all your muscles as evenly as possible, including lower back. Do the stretches you see on the sites. Foam rollers are your friend.
Proceed with caution because this pain can get worse really fast. If I were you I'd take it really easy, make sure your gait is ok, shoes are ok, etc before starting marathon training.
Parent - By jalashkar (Yahd) Date 2009-08-31 7:10 AM
We need a club for this.  :wink:
Parent - - By darbycrash Date 2009-09-01 4:59 PM
stretching is great but ultimately getting to the root cause is vital to keep it at bay. i suffered from this for close to a year. lots of back pain, numbness in leg....  ART therapy was successful in getting the muscle to stop spasming. it very easily becomes a chronic issue.

for me strengthing all the muscles  used in keep the pelvis stable was the key once the muscle released ( glutes-medius and maximus, lower abdominals, adductors, abductors, lower back, hip flexors, and obliques)

i do a 30 minute core workout 3 times a week that works all the above muscles. so far it's caused my piriformis to not have to work as hard, although sometimes i still have to ice it after hard workouts or high mileage weeks.
Parent - By 26miler Date 2009-09-02 7:57 PM
Thanks...I do a lot of that already, however, I admittedly have not done enough with my abductors and hamstrings. This morning I did a 45 min core w.out with the stability ball, and also worked my glutes, hammies, abductors, and felt great! It may just be mental, but I swear I felt better. I will def incorporate this a couple times a week. I run tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes!

Thanks everyone else too for your repsonses.:happy:
Parent - By smiling sara [us] Date 2009-09-03 12:51 PM
Hi, I just thought I'd check this forum, to see if anyone was having the same issues that I am, and sure enough it was the very top thread.

I second the easy/no speedwork/no hills thing, if you want to nip this in the butt before marathon-training, when those things may be harder to avoid.
It's great to be reminded of the other things. 

But I do have one more thing to add: if you have a job where you sit all day, consider taking a stability ball to work with you as a chair! 
This may require buying a second one, or transporting it daily, so you can exercise with it at home too.
I think I'm going to sneak mine in over the weekend....
Parent - - By sideshowbob Date 2009-12-03 9:57 AM
Mine just started--seems the worst pain is when driving a car --does that sound famiilar ?
Parent - - By Buggy [us] Date 2009-12-03 4:13 PM
Yup :meh:


Commutes 2 hours daily :cry:
Parent - By sideshowbob Date 2009-12-04 8:45 AM
So--any remedies or suggestions, aside from Guinness ?
Parent - By Becky1 Date 2011-06-14 6:51 AM
Yes, got that too.:mutmad:
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