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- - By Ankah Date 2009-04-27 8:16 AM
Short Version: 400m swim, 13.5 mile bike, 5K run
I placed 3rd woman OA, 27 out of 261 OA, Final time: 1:16:41.15
Not a course PR, but the wind and heat really played havoc with us yesterday. No course records, and not the fastest times for anyone overall compared to years past. So I'm very pleased.

Extended Mix: This little tri was my first tri ever in 2005. I did pretty well that year, despite the wind this course is known for, and that spawned an incurable addiction to the sport of triathlon. The next two years I did this race, I placed 3rd woman OA. I was very scared this year, since it was my first tri back since my 2007 IM and back injury. Even with the speedwork and pool drills and a new bike, I still wasn't sure how I'd do. But I hoped to at least give it my best and have fun.

The swim was in a pool, time trial start. One person every 15 seconds. Thanks to J and his drill suggestions, I was relaxed, efficient, and beat last year's time out of the water. Run down the cement stairs, into T1, and away I go.

It was HOT. Like, 85* hot. And for those of us from IL who did this race, we weren't used to the heat. Last week it was still in the 40-60*s, and this was a shock to the system. It was also windy, which is to be expected for this tri and for an IL spring. However--the wind was different this year. While the course is an out and back with a loop, it runs east and west. The wind is normally from the east or west, so at least one way is easy. The wind came directly from the south this year (about 25mph). I spent most of my time trying to remain upright and not go into a ditch. I couldn't believe the people who had their discs on the back wheels. Anyway, I did pretty well, and my new tri bike is AWESOME! It was so light! I just flew through the bike (except for when a huge truck cut in front of me and TURNED)!

The run is lovely. Through the woods on a gravel path. I was so happy to have made it this far. I got out of T2 and a guy yelled to me, "4th woman!" I thought, NO WAY. I passed a ton of women on the bike--flew by them--who started the time trial swim before me, so I figured if I caught up to the woman in front of me enough, I could place OA. But it was hot. First water stop wasn't until 1.5 miles. I dropped my water bottle on the mat at T2, then again before really starting the run. So I placed it somewhere to get it later. But that was an awful 1.5 miles w/o bad I walked through the water stop to drink. Hit the water again at 2 miles and walked through it. Then, off we go! Rounding the park, and with .75 miles to go, I passed the 3rd woman. Heck, for all I knew, I could be 2nd OA, I could be 10th overall...but I knew I had done my best. Finished and told my friends I'm definitely on their team this year.

Here is the breakdown:

400m swim: 07:23 (7:07 and then run to the mat)
T1: 00:50.40
13.5 mile bike: 43:39.30 (18.4mph)
T2: 01:02.45
5K run: 23:45.60 (7:40/M)
Final time: 1:16:41.15

The only thing I was slower on this year was the bike--by 3 min. Everything else was faster, and the wind was definitely the cause for the slow bike. So I'm so super uber happy!
Parent - By adamswims (Gone Now Adam! You pick what you want.) Date 2009-04-27 8:44 AM
:cool::cool::cool:  damn you are speedy.  Nice work.
Parent - By out_of_breath Date 2009-04-30 2:48 PM
You are my freaking hero.:hug:
Parent - - By jalashkar (Yahd) Date 2009-05-22 2:40 PM
I can't believe you're giving me credit for anything related to swimming.  :laugh: :hug:

ETA: registration for Evergreen, confirmed.
Parent - By Ankah Date 2009-05-24 4:46 AM
AWESOME! :grin: I just rode the bike course yesterday. We had to change it, since they are starting windmill construction on our old course. It's not very shaded, but that's how IL bike rides through cornfields usually are anyway. :roll:
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